Q3 2022

8 EU BUSINESS NEWS / Q3 2022 , Best Luxury Interior Design Studio - Munster With 20 years’ interior design experience behind her, MariolaMiałkowska, alongside her teamof qualified architects and interior designers areMM Interior Design (MM), crafting functional, convenient living and commercial spaces adorned in timeless style. We explore the outstanding firmand its impressive work. Mariola Miałkowska’s philosophy is that architecture should fit around our unique lifestyles and be spaces in which we feel comfortable, happy, and secure. Our private lives, family lives, and public lives each begin and end each day in our homes, and as such, those spaces and the way they look should be carefully considered and designed to meet every need of those who live in them. Mariola states, “Design is a plan for arranging elements in such a way as best to accomplish a particular purpose.” The interior design firm that Mariola has created in Cork, Ireland embodies this very way of thinking. MM Interior Design is a fullservice interior design agency which employs a team of qualified, talented, and devoted designers, architects, and craftsmen, who go above and beyond to realise each client’s dream home, or their envisioned hospitality or commercial space. The firm carries out complete structural innovations, crafts bespoke furniture, lays down floors and tiling, sources soft furnishings, and so much more, all to create interiors that surpass clients’ expectations and create the ultimate space for them to live, work, and play in. Mariola’s interior design skills and tastes stem from working in roles for the best designers in epicentres of the world of fashion, such as Italy and the United Arab Emirates. Combined with her strong passion and creativity, Mariola’s design experience culminates in daring, pioneering projects which strike a contrast between modern day trends and elegant classicism that will never go out of style. The spaces she creates are entirely functional as well as beautiful, keeping up with busy lifestyles while retaining a sense of calm and necessary stability. Mar22305 An example of one of MM’s completed projects is the popular restaurant, Jacobs on Mall in the city of Cork where it completely renovated the interior set up and decoration. Although the project had tight timescales, Mariola was determined that it would receive the same meticulous attention to detail as every other project. She says, “My mission is to gain knowledge in the field of design. I am constantly improving my qualifications by learning about new trends and implementing that knowledge into my projects.” “I’m not afraid of a challenge,” Mariola continues, “It is a new client every day, and a new and unique interior that reflects the differences of every person.” Her vast experience has equipped her to expertly advise her clients as needed, and handle every element of a project, even the most intricate of details like the textures of the pillows or the energy efficiency of the lightbulbs. It is Mariola’s devotion towards delighting customers that has solidified her position at the forefront of the industry. So, what does the future hold for MM Interior Designs? Throughout the pandemic and into the post-lockdown era, the firm has seen a rise in demand, which Mariola claims is due to increased downtime and people spending more time at home. This growth has secured the firm’s future for the time being, however, Mariola notes, “It is very hard to predict what the future can bring in such uncertain times. I live day by day, happy with what I have.” Ultimately, Mariola hopes the future will bring continued abundance, stability, and sustainability. Company: MM Interior Design Contact: Mariola Miałkowska Email: [email protected] Website: mminteriordesign.ie