Scandinavian Business Awards 2022

10 EU BUSINESS NEWS / Scandinavian Business Awards 2022 , Best Iced Coffee Brand 2022 A company fuelled by ingenuity and run by people who are excited to serve the coffee drinking market of Europe in a fun, enthusiastic, and diverse manner, Cool Creative Company has gained a reputation for delicious coffee and great customer service. Over the years it has been in operation, its research and development has all been funnelled into the creation of the most impeccable flavours and blends of coffee, creating drinks to be enjoyed over ice that have become household staples in its home nation of Denmark. Iced coffee, over the years, has become a beloved staple of coffee drinkers worldwide. From a refreshing summer treat to a regular pick-me-up, it’s an invigorating, fun, and adaptive drink that can be made with all manner of flavours and blends. Cool Creative Company sees iced coffee for the expression of fun and enthusiasm that it is, and wants to channel this enthusiasm into the brand it has created, with its brand Havafiesta Iced Coffee becoming an instant hit in the Denmark market segment thanks to its bright colours, fun tone, and creative ethos. Within two years, Havafiesta has enjoyed massive growth, expanding from specialty stores to big supermarkets and even presence in an online store. This online footprint helped it grow even further during the pandemic, as people went on the hunt for new and exciting coffee blends to keep them excited and enthusiastic even when stuck indoors during the multiple lockdowns that have occurred over the past few years. Nominally, with 9 different flavours, each of which has become a staple of market for being delicious, innovative, and refreshing, it has developed a true pride in serving coffee drinkers both in its home nation and further afield, serving an ever-expanding market that is gaining ever-more traction. A huge part of its consistent growth has been its ability to reach out to customers. Using the established online footprint it has achieved through its web store, it has been using social media to promote itself even further, with its team using such channels to create personal and down-to-earth interactions with the customers who buy from it. Moreover, this Jun22242 has endeared it to its peers, many of whom it has collaborated with since its inception to bring both companies more business by way of competitions, giveaways, and more, forging partnerships that will last a lifetime. Its ready-to-mix products have also become an instant hit with its client base. Separating it from its peers by way of the innovation in industry this has created, it allows customers to buy a concentrated coffee mix and make their own iced coffee in seconds, creating drinks perfectly to their own taste by mixing the liquid with milk. With caramel, vanilla, chocolate orange, salted caramel, natural, coconut, chocolate mint, hazelnut, and avocado flavourings all available, its concentrated solution and wonderfully caffeinated beverages endear themselves to coffee lovers both with the quality of the taste and the excellence of the blend. Recently, it has begun to work on expanding out to different countries in the Scandanavian region. With every summer comes a renewed demand for iced coffee products, as well as new flavours and experiences that coffee lovers can enjoy in order to make a treat out of a drink that is – more often than not – already part of a daily routine. In addition to this, and in a fortunate turn, it did not experience any drop in demand due to the pandemic; if anything it experienced an uptick thanks to the closure of many customers’ favourite cafes meaning that they needed to seek their caffeine fix elsewhere, up to and including making their own. Therefore, it would like to extend its thanks to its market segment for their willingness to make it and its coffee one of the things they have been so eager and willing to try. Excited to see the constant glowing reviews and excited positivity that has resulted from many of these new clients finding its store, it hopes to welcome many more people into the circle of those have discovered it in the future, and is honoured to have been the recipient of such fervour. Moreover, it promises its clients old and new that it will not be resting on its laurels. As it moves into the future, it will be looking into further innovations in coffee and iced coffee beverages, looking into how to create and sell even more products that are fuelled by the utmost ingenuity. Having made itself a true staple of a Danish coffee-lovers weekly shop, and a provider of products that can be enjoyed both as an indulgent treat and