Scandinavian Business Awards 2022

24 EU BUSINESS NEWS / Scandinavian Business Awards 2022 , Jun22241 Best Payroll & Employment One Stop Shop - Sweden Global Nordics Management AB puts your company first. Offering solutions for payroll and employee recordmanagement will ensure that your business remains compliant with the ever-changing legislation. As such, its exceptional services have led the business to be not only recognised but also praised across Europe. Global Nordics Management AB is an internationally recognised business that provides employment services to businesses across Europe. Specialising within the renewable energy (Wind, Solar) IT and telecom industries, Global Nordics aids its clients with a range of payroll and employment options, guiding them through local payroll, taxes, and compliance .Furthermore, the company strives to provide a premium service, and it is this that has earned it an outstanding reputation. Offering simple yet effective solutions, Global Nordics enables clients across the Nordic countries to work within their regions. This area of the industry has become increasingly competitive over the past few years. Global Nordics differentiates itself from its competitors by understanding client needs and creating bespoke offerings. Such solutions, and it’s competitive pricing make Global Nordics a premier choice for many of its clients. Indeed, across Sweden, Finland, Norway, and Denmark Global Nordics maintains an impressive knowledge of payroll systems and employment legislation. It is, as a result, known to be a competent company – one that clients can trust and depend on. This is a great benefit within the industry as legislation in Sweden and Finland has changed greatly in recent times. Employment practices and laws have been tightened up extensively by local authorities and, in turn, Global Nordics’ team has been working on keeping up to date with the ever-changing rulings. Additionally, the industries that Global Nordics operates within – largely meaning renewable energy sector – has grown greatly in accordance with the trend towards sustainability. In order to maintain this fast pace, Global Nordics ensures that its team undergoes consistent upskilling. By working together in harmony, the team is able to establish bonds and gain an understanding of Global Nordics’ values and goals. Consequently, the company has built a workforce that prioritises efficiency and positivity. Global Nordics promotes and encourages a culture of trust, flexibility, positive feedback, and, of course, strives to build a fun environment to work in. The approach and values found within the team stem directly from the company’s founders, Anna Ziemkendorf and Sandi Piper. The duo created Global Nordics in order to fill the gap within the Swedish and Nordic markets. Through leveraging their past experiences with payroll management, local taxation, and compliance, Anna and Sandi have created a popular brand that has had the chance to extend its knowledge across Europe. Global Nordics’ dedication to client-centricity, its vibrant team, and its creative solutions have certainly set it apart from the rest of the industry. Henceforth, there is no better business to receive the accolade Best Payroll & Employment One Stop Shop - Sweden Contact: Sandi Piper Company: Global Nordics Management AB Web Address: