Scandinavian Business Awards 2022

EU BUSINESS NEWS / Scandinavian Business Awards 2022 25 , May22670 Regulatory Affairs Consultancy of the Year 2022 Operating as a one-woman business, Manna Regulatory is an entirely unique Regulatory Affairs consultancy service. Created byMarianne Thuen Jakobsen, a professional and experienced Regulatory Affairs Specialist, the company provides premium consultancy services to clients across the globe. Simply, Manna Regulatory can fulfil any request – big or small. Manna Regulatory is a oneperson independent consultancy based in Denmark. Behind this branding, Marianne Thuen Jakobsen guides multinational companies towards the acquisition of plant protection products, bioprotectants, and biostimulants in the Northern Zone of the EU. In addition, Marianne partners with local agents in Eastern and Southern Africa to achieve authorisation of plant protection products in these countries. As such, working with Manna Regulatory provides a number of benefits. The consultancy is able to provide advice surrounding dossier building, mutual recognition, label preparation, article 43 renewals, risk assessments, liaison with national authorities, preparation of study summaries, label extensions, and more. Further, its services enable its clients’ projects to be completed promptly, under budget, and, perhaps most importantly, in compliance with all relevant guidelines and legislation, including Regulation (EC) No 1107/2009, Regulation (EU) No 283/2013, Regulation (EU) No 284/2013 and the Northern Zone Guidance Document, among others. With businesses of all sizes flocking to the EU, the industry is currently undergoing rapid expansion, and Manna Regulatory is at the epicentre of these developments. In the Regulatory Affairs of plant protection products, the EU is divided into three regulatory zones – north, central, and south. Traditionally, businesses would focus upon the central and southern zones; however, businesses are moving towards the north, where Manna Regulatory operates. On top of this, Marianne notes that there has been an enormous increase in the number of biostimulants and biopesticides that are being brought to the market, and that this is likely to become a trend in the Northern Zone of the EU within the coming years. There are a plethora of advantages to being based in Scandinavia, as Manna Regulatory often works with businesses with connections to the area. Additionally, Marianne knows the Danish language, which enables her to produce and fulfil paperwork in the national language. She speaks and understands many of the Scandinavian languages, which makes Manna Regulatory accessible for businesses across Northern Europe. Marianne’s expertise has turned Manna Regulatory into the recognisable industry figure that it is today. Indeed, Marianne spent over a decade working as a Regulatory Affairs Specialist and Patent Specialist at Cheminova A/S, and now runs both Manna Regulatory and Frontloader Group, for which she is the co-founder. Therefore, her strengths have evolved and been shaped over time. Marianne’s knowledge is second to none, and as a result, she has a deep understanding of her areas of expertise and is not locked by bureaucracy and tight specifications within her area of competencies. Furthermore, she is flexible in terms of tasks and time – Marianne believes in doing things by the book and setting high standards for the outcome of her future work. Such elements have secured Manna Regulatory’s future, introducing it to a wider clientele. Marianne no longer has to search for clients – they come to her. Attracted by her LinkedIn page, positive word of mouth or Manna Regulatory’s website, these clients are coming from a wider range of backgrounds, and, ultimately, have brightened the company’s prospects. Contact: Marianne Thuen Jakobsen Company: Manna Regulatory Web Address: