Scandinavian Business Awards 2022

26 EU BUSINESS NEWS / Scandinavian Business Awards 2022 , eBike of the Year 2022: Frikar e-bike A new style of transport is on the horizon. Podbike AS’ Frikar e-bike is an imaginative take on the popular e-bike, as rather than a small frame and two wheels, it consists of four wheels and an enclosed pod. Quite simply, the Frikar e-bike is changing transport as we know it. Think Tesla but with bikes. This is exactly the standard of innovation that Podbike AS is aiming for. Indeed, it is introducing a new wave of innovative e-bikes to the market that not only compete with other e-bikes, but also cars. The Frikar e-bike currently maintains a following of 35,000 followers and over 3,600 pre-orders, and it is set to hit the wider market shortly. Conceptualised in 2016, the Frikar was developed with the ambitious goal to create an e-bike that acts as a realistic alternative to cars, and its safe to say that it has achieved this goal. The e-bike has redefined urban mobility, offering a sustainable solution for both long and short commutes and, in essence, promoting a tangible replacement for cars for your daily commute. Entirely unique, the Frikar e-bike promises a smooth ride, a great amount of space for cargo or a child, and low energy consumption. It will put the fun back into any journey. Moreover, despite its low weight – it weighs less than 100kg – the e-bike boasts four wheels, an independent suspension, a multilink steering system, serial hybrid drive with re-generative braking, and a connected solution with over-the-air upgrades. The Frikar’s design further provides protection against harsh weather conditions. Safety is, of course, Podbike AS’ priority, and it recognises that the majority of bike accidents are single vehicle incidents, with instability, and crashes being leading causes of accidents. As such, the Frikar e-bike is fitted with a number of safety features. For example, its four wheels ensure that the risk of tipping over is drastically reduced, as they provide a great amount of balance. The Frikar’s sturdy capsule-like body, in the event of an accident, guarantees security and protection. May22663 Designed by the Podbike AS team, the Frikar benefits from a support network of an abundance of backgrounds, including experienced engineers, creative enthusiasts, and business-oriented persons. Over nine nationalities make up the Podbike AS team as the company searches for the very best global talents. This approach has aided Podbike AS towards its dream of becoming a world-class development organisation. Operating across a flat hierarchy, the company guides its employees towards creativity and innovation, and strives to empower its team through challenging them. Podbike AS’s team is one of a number of factors that makes the company standout. Podbike AS utilises European manufacturers, and as a result over 70% of the materials it uses are of European origin. Its focus on personal ownership, sustainability, and vow to continue creating has increased its competitiveness. Henceforth, 2022 will be an important year for Podbike AS and, subsequently, the Frikar e-bike. As the company continues to grow, it will provide a plethora of premium additions to the e-bike in order to make it as convenient, safe, and eco-friendly as possible. These instalments could potentially include plans for a semi-autonomous control system that would be able to park the e-bike and charge it. Contact: Janet Jørmeland Company: Podbike AS Web Address: