Scandinavian Business Awards 2022

EU BUSINESS NEWS / Scandinavian Business Awards 2022 27 , Bridal Boutique of the Year – Norway, as they provide a full-service, premium bridal shopping experience that cannot be found elsewhere. Contact: Grethe Furre Company: Brudehuset Tromsø AS Web Address: Jun22149 Bridal Boutique of the Year - Norway Finding the perfect wedding dress is hard – there are somany styles, colours, fits, and brands to choose from. However, with Brudehuset Tromsø, this stress is stripped away. Its expert team – who are polite, professional, and enthusiastic – will help to guide you towards the wedding dress of your dreams. Every bride experiences that magical moment – they try on a dress, it fits well, looks beautiful, and is suited to their taste. It’s the one. After spending hours scouring bridal websites and visiting dress shops, they’ve finally found the dress. Brudehuset Tromsø, a bridal boutique in Norway, aims to make this entire process easier. Indeed, it boasts magnificent dresses that come in an inclusive range of sizes, with the largest size it stocks being a Norwegian size 62. Simply, there is something available for every body shape, budget, and taste. Furthermore, Brudehuset Tromsø houses its own seamstress, which guarantees that your special dress will have the perfect fit. Popular brands – including Maggie Sottero, Bianco Evento, and Stella York – line the boutique’s shopfloor, filling the rails upon rails of premium dresses. Colours of blush, ivory, white, and champagne saturate lace, silks, and the finest cotton. From lavish, elaborate gowns to stylish and simple dresses, Brudehuset Tromsø’s collection is bursting with opulence and elegance – and Brudehuset Tromsø does it all without the luxury price tags! Aside from its assemblage of quality dresses, Brudehuset Tromsø is perhaps best known for its exceptional customer service. Brides-to-be and their entourage can expect to be treated to a relaxing, fun, and friendly experience from the moment that they walk through the shop’s doors. The team strive to make the often-stressful dress shopping process into one of excitement and ease. They truly understand that for many, this is a once in a lifetime moment. Consequently, it works in collaboration with its customers, guiding them in the direction of something they’ll love. Brudehuset Tromsø’s professional team maintain a vast amount of knowledge surrounding the current trends, how different styles of dresses fit, and how to find the perfect dress within a certain budget. Moreover, they are ready and willing to offer their opinions and, in essence, work with the customer to find a dress that will make them shine. It is, therefore, unsurprising that Brudehuset Tromsø has been recognised by a number of publications and maintains five-star ratings on several platforms. For example, through the Google Review service, the shop has received multiple positive comments from past clients. ‘Was [shopping for wedding dresses] and met a fantastic, serviceminded employee. Took good care of the bride and the rest of the entourage. Highly recommended,’ writes Anne Grethe. Each of the aforementioned points have culminated in Brudehuset Tromsø being named