Scandinavian Business Awards 2022

28 EU BUSINESS NEWS / Scandinavian Business Awards 2022 , Jun22434 Based in the heart of Denmark, Danesian Audio was founded by a teamof dedicated Danish engineers who have beenworking closely together since 1997 to push the boundaries of sound reproduction. Danesian Audio comprises a group of individuals who each bring their unique skills and experience to form a solid, versatile team that can accommodate the requirements of customers seeking outstanding audio equipment. By collaborating with leading manufacturers of loudspeaker drive units, Danesian Audio is able to develop and manufacture acoustic transducers for the high-end audio and automotive industries. The company’s CEO and owner Frank Nielsen tells us, “We have developed a series of platform transducers and are also working closely together with customers developing OEM and ODM transducers to their specific requirements. Our mission is to create the best possible listening experience across all platforms. From high-end stereo setups to automotive solutions, from PA speaker design to portable audio sound reproduction. Through decades of experience and continuous development and research, we strive to always improve and refine audio playback solutions.” Danesian Audio’s team of engineers and technicians combine their extensive experience within the industry, which stems from working for many of the well-known companies founded in Scandinavia, a region which has a long history within the audio industry. Danesian Audio has gone on to innovate and evolve, nurturing a working environment that embraces creativity, new technologies, cutting-edge solutions, and which always stays ahead of the curve. Thanks to all the team’s experience and their passion for high-end audio solutions, in addition to the valuable company’s partnerships across the industry, Danesian Audio is able to offer customers a complete solution, from early concept, through the design phase, prototyping, manufacturing, and the final product. This is all brought about by several different teams covering R&D, purchasing, planning, production, and QC and product management, ensuring enriched understanding of each aspect of a project. And then there’s the next-level technology they use to achieve top standards, including 3D CAD, FEA tools, and superior measurement solutions. But, despite the advanced tools, Danesian Audio finds that the human ear is the most critical and important tool of all to be used during the development process – therefore, the team spends a lot of time evaluating solutions in its customdesigned listening room. To perform reliable measurements, Danesian Audio has designed and built its own non-reflective measurement chamber, which enables an efficient development process. Ultimately, the team at Danesian Audio are specialists in what they do and they continue to leave a myriad of delighted customers in their wake. One of these customers comments, “One of the most serious speaker companies I’ve ever dealt with. Customer is in focus and not one of their products from their cooperation with SB Acoustics have disappointed me. Frank and Ulric know how to develop a top-class driver unit. No matter the price point.” Company: Danesian Audio ApS Contact: Frank Nielsen Email: [email protected] Website: Best Audio Industry Product Development Specialists 2022