Scandinavian Business Awards 2022

EU BUSINESS NEWS / Scandinavian Business Awards 2022 29 , Jul22041 Most Innovative MultiUse Construction Product 2022: LECA® LWA LECA International is a company within the Saint Gobain Group, producing lightweight aggregates and blocks for the European constructionmarket. Withmany years of experience in the housing, infrastructure, and water management markets, its award-winning LECA® LWA product is used in a number of innovative and sustainable applications. LECA International operates in 12 European countries, with production sites in seven of those, and exporting its multiuse products to many more. The company has been proving the use and durability of its products since the opening of its first production site 70 years ago. The LECA business was acquired by Saint Gobain in 2007, part of the acquisition of the maxit Group, and in 2015 the LECA International business unit was created. Since then, the business has seen sustainable growth, positioning itself strongly in the European construction market. The LECA® brand has been, and still is, a strong driver of success as it is widely known in the European construction market by architects, civil engineers, contractors, landscapers, block producers, and generally people working with concrete applications. LECA® LWA (LightWeight Aggregate) is a simple, flexible and long-lasting product. Alone, it is one single expanded, lightweight clay pellet, but combining them into an aggregate, possibilities become numerous – whether laying the foundation for construction, building roads, or developing drainage solutions. LECA prides itself in its innovative weight/strength relation due to its simplicity and lightness while being able to provide thermal insulation, stability, water drainage, water filtration, and more. LECA® LWA can be found in the foundations, flooring, walls, drainage, and even on the green roofs and underneath of houses. Anywhere with poor or soft soils, or where the load needs to be reduced on structures, LECA® LWA is the solution. Furthermore, the product has unique capacity to collect, drain and store water, to minimize the risk of flooding. And finally, linked to the handling of water, the product is used for water filtration and purification – under the special brand, FILTRALITE® Filter media. The company remains hopeful of the future to come. Despite the extreme price increases on raw materials and energy impacting the business negatively today, it is experiencing a high demand of lightweight construction products. The focus on sustainability in most of its markets is a positive business driver and with a strong focus on its industrial sites, LECA is planning to reduce its CO2 emissions by more than 50% in the coming years, which will strengthen the competitiveness of its various solutions and applications. Besides the positive trends in its historical business segments – housing, infrastructure, and water management – LECA is currently looking into new market opportunities, especially in the markets of offshore concrete structures, like windmill and fish farms, and the calcined clay business, which promises to reduce the CO2 emissions from the increased use of cement. In any of these segments, the main drivers are weight, energy saving, and sustainability. LECA® LWA is a product of today, with a solid history, and prepared for the needs and challenges of tomorrow. Knowing the benefits of this innovative multi-use product, we at EU Business News are confident that the product can play its role in the future of sustainable construction. Company: LECA International Contact: Kim Rosenbom Email: [email protected] Website: