Scandinavian Business Awards 2022

EU BUSINESS NEWS / Scandinavian Business Awards 2022 31 , has worked alongside dozens of industry leaders; Greentech Innovators’ work with BRI has served to be one of the company’s more notable ventures. BIR – a company at the top of Norway’s waste management industry – provides Greentech Innovators with the waste, and in turn, Greentech Innovators transforms it into biomatter. This collaboration has resulted in the development of a circular economy value chain. Unsurprisingly, Greentech Innovators was named one of the Top 20 Most Innovative Companies to Watch in 2020 by Business Worldwide Magazine. The company’s consistent need to create, inspire, and, of course, innovate is evident throughout its work – for example, in the summer of 2020, it secured two rounds of equity funding and grants. As a result, Greentech Innovators is working with BIR Bedrift AS at their pilot fermentation plant, with a number of grant applications in the pipeline. Contact: Ingmar Hogoy Company: Greentech Innovators AS Web Address: Jun22446 Best Sustainable Waste Management Biotech Company 2022 Shaping the future of the industry has come naturally to Greentech Innovators; it is on amission to prove to the corporate world that organic waste can be valuable, and that sustainability can be profitable. Greentech Innovators’ unwavering determination has cemented the company as one to watch. Implementing sustainability within its industry is Greentech Innovators mission. The company endeavours to cultivate a brighter and greener future – not only for businesses in its homeland, Norway, but for businesses across the globe. As such, Greentech Innovators works to identify trends and needs in its market, joining forces with research communities, innovators, and leaders in sustainability to create waste management solutions that encourage the betterment of the market. Through its work with such collaborators, Greentech Innovators seeks to create a ‘circular bio economy,’ for which it uses practices such as the reuse of organic waste matter and fermentation. The fermented organic waste created by these processes is used as fertilizer, creating microalgae cultures that its daughter company, AlgaePro AS, then goes on to utilise. Such microalgae are used as protein and omega-3 rich feed supplements for marine life. The company’s clients, who benefit greatly from Greentech Innovators’ advancements, can use these products to engage with green solutions for feed products and agriculture. Moreover, the clients’ greater contribute to the international push towards environmental corporate responsibility, which will result in the creation of a healthier ecological state and a greener corporate world. Use of Greentech Innovators’ services reduces greenhouse gas production from landfill and benefits its clients by way of allowing them to turn a profit from their waste. Henceforth, it is this system that has enabled Greentech Innovators to reach its unique position within the market. Led by Ingmar Hogoy, CEO, a reputable scientist and businessman, Greentech Innovators is infused with his passion for fishing, agriculture, and environmental issues whilst spending summers with his grandparents. Consequently, the company embodies its mantra – ‘Together we will develop and implement efficient and sustainable technology that can supply the market with low-cost microalgae biomass.’ The company’s encouragement of freethinking, enthusiasm, and education has driven Greentech Innovators to have a significant, positive impact on science. As such, the company’s reputation for excellence has only expanded over the past few years. With numerous valuable contributions to the field under its belt, it is clear to see Ingmar Hogoy’s influence on Greentech Innovator’s operations. Indeed, Ingmar’s accomplishments include the development of new techniques within fish farming, aquaculture management, and other environmental pursuits. Greentech Innovators is committed to ensuring that its operational model is one that is sustainable for its clients as well as ecologically, feeding into its core mission. Greentech Innovators strives to prove that sustainable business practices will not only reduce a company’s carbon footprint, but also drastically increase profits. Simply, ‘everyone makes money going green.’ In debunking the rumour that sustainable solutions are expensive and unwieldy, it seeks to work with its clients in a partnership that benefits all companies and stakeholders. Consisting of a small team, Greentech Innovators has certainly made a large impact. The company