Scandinavian Business Awards 2022

32 EU BUSINESS NEWS / Scandinavian Business Awards 2022 , Jun22148 Paracosmic Studios ApS is the production studio behind a number of engaging documentaries and commercial films. Whilst the fledgling company has faced its fair share of challenges, its founders, Laura Palka andMichael Hansen, are determined to continue creating projects that inspire and inform. Film is an interesting art medium – it can be used to spread a message, give a voice to the voiceless, and, perhaps most importantly, film can be used to inspire. These are the driving motivations for Michael Hansen and Laura Palka, the filmmakers behind Paracosmic Studios. Through their production company, they hope to showcase previously untold stories – not only within Denmark, but across the globe. ‘We love to find local stories in different places that are fascinating to us and make either a film or documentary about the issues, topics, culture, people, etc. So, we are not a normal company per say. We dedicate our life to voicing the voiceless and helping out communities and people who have incredible stories to tell that don’t reach the vast media,’ explains Michael. Michael and Laura work harmoniously, utilising their opposing skillsets to create projects that are whole. Be it a documentary or their commercial work – the latter of which, Michael states, is used to generate a sustainable income – the team strive to produce something that is exceptional. They pride themselves on producing quality, no matter how big or small the budget may be. ‘We see ourselves as a young couple following the hard path of filmmaking,’ Michael continues. Indeed, for young creators, breaking into the arts world can be difficult. There is, of course, the stereotype of the struggling artist. For Paracosmic Studios, this has been combatted by balancing creativity with commercial work. ‘There is not much money to be made unfortunately. We do other services once in a while, like for Apple or other big companies that need documentation or commercial services, in order to bring food to the table.’ The Covid-19 pandemic had a greater impact on Paracosmic Studios. The company had just acquired its first office – and then the outbreak happened. ‘We lost all the booked worked lined up for the next year and all the clients disappeared,’ writes Michael. ‘Not knowing how the future would look like, we tried to keep the big office and were waiting out the COVID-19 situation. After a while we figured out that the key to this company was us and that maybe we didn't need an office and try to run as a normal company.’ Simply, passion is at the heart of Paracosmic Studios, and it is this that will guarantee that no matter what the production company faces, it will always prosper. Whilst following their dreams is an enormous risk, for Laura and Michael it is worth it as it means that they can continue to amplify unique voices. Henceforth, in 2022, Paracosmic Studios can be found working on a project in the south of Spain, through which it is working remotely with international companies and film institutes. Additionally, the company is working on creating its first feature length film. ‘Regardless of the situation, we are planning to keep making more films, with or without a budget,’ concludes Michael. Contact: Michael Hansen Company: Paracosmic Studios ApS Web Address: Best Documentary Film Production Company - Denmark