Scandinavian Business Awards 2022

EU BUSINESS NEWS / Scandinavian Business Awards 2022 33 , Based on their beliefs on creating good workplace environments, Human Factor ApS has introduced leadership courses designed to focus upon ‘good leadership.’ Additionally, this will act as part of Human Factor ApS’s mission to contribute positively to workplace environments, as the company finds that leadership qualities (or the lack of) in management has a huge impact on both morale and work satisfaction. It hopes to communicate that it is one thing to be a manager of employees, but that it is something entirely different to be a leader of people, which is something that is in demand. Contact: John Pagaard- [email protected] Company: Human Factor ApS Web Address: Jun22184 The Danish company, Human Factor ApS, is contributing to improving working environments throughout Denmark by providing HR services that focus on the people involved. From Human Resources to recruitment, the company provides several bespoke services that can help any small- tomedium-sized business evolve into a positive space for its employees by which it will be able to achieve even better results. An organisation would be nothing without its employees. Indeed, a team of enthusiastic, creative, and respectful individuals serves as the foundation of any successful business, therefore it is important to nurture your team. By maintaining an exceptional HR service, you can ensure that your team always has someone to turn to, who will not only listen to their concerns but also act upon them. Human Factor ApS is a small HRconsulting firm that is based in the city of Fredericia, Denmark. It strives to create high performance and healthy workplaces for all its customers and provides a plethora of bespoke services that bolster the efficiency of businesses. Human Factor ApS offers in-house HR, recruitment, outplacement, employee development and management (leadership) training. Moreover, it is also equipped to supply career advice and training to individual participants. Trust and close relationships are of outmost importance to Human Factor ApS. This applies regardless of whether it is with their clients or candidates. When, for example, it acts as an In-House HR Partner, it is extremely important that the customer can trust that confidentiality exists before, during and after a task is solved. Outside of the workplace, Human Factor ApS endeavours to give back to its community. Subsequently, the company has developed a series of events, through which it matches unemployed or disadvantaged youths with local business owners. Such business owners then mentor the individual and provide them with the skills to build a successful career. A significant portion of the young people have gone on to acquire jobs or further their education, placing them closer to finding their own path. In turn, these events have become incredibly popular, with more businesses reaching out for information. In part, this is what makes Human Factor ApS unique – it embraces the ‘human factor.’ It truly cares about the people it impacts, and it will not end a project before it finds the perfect solution. It is transparent, unfiltered, and compassionate, and as a result, Human Factor ApS can deliver results that are both advantageous for its clients, the businesses, and their employees. In addition, it provides tailored solutions as it understands that one size does not fit all, deviating from the ‘package deal’ products offered by much of the industry. Most Trusted HR Business Partner 2022 - Denmark