Scandinavian Business Awards 2022

34 EU BUSINESS NEWS / Scandinavian Business Awards 2022 , Jun22034 As a company with the core mission of transforming how intellectual property is managed differently, collaboratively andmore simple, Rightly has been creating smarter ways of working in its industry since its inception. Dedicated, professional, and confident, its scalable solutions and services promise to help a client’s company grow, developing a platformupon which each stakeholder canwork together to ensure more efficient and effective IP law services without the fuss. Rightly, in essence, is a different and most modern way to handle Intellectual Property. Its contemporary, user-intuitive, and well-designed platform has been created to give lawyers, preferred international agents, and IP owners the space they need to work together to better leverage increased value from IP in a way that is legal and profitable. In short, Rightly understands and empathises with the difficulties that trying to navigate such waters can pose. Thusly, its business has made a name for itself in being the company that puts itself forward to help each client accomplish this effectively and in a manner that assures further growth and a positive future, working harder so its clients can work smarter. Nominally, its simple, smart, intuitive tools make each process very easy to engage with for a client – no matter how technically adept or not they may be – allowing them to resolve issues that previously would have required long, drawn out manual processes that eat up manpower and time. Lessening the heavy lifting in this way gives its clients time to focus on what truly matters, automating workflows and cutting the fat from such things in order to result in a more streamlined set of processes for staff that allow task minimisation and prioritisation, maximised client budget spending, and a renewed attention to detail. The resulting impeccable collaborations between Rightly, its law firms, and its IP owners are impeccable. Globally, across each of the trademarking trends when it comes to intellectual property, 2020 was an interesting year; it saw filings rise despite the worldwide challenge, heralding a spike in research, development, and interest in IP law, as well as changes and shifts in said laws. Rightly, a company with its eyes on the prize, has used its position as a Scandinavian company to keep a close eye on these changing elements, focusing in on the management and protection of intellectual property law within its own region, too. Amassing a global reputation due to the excellence and seamless working processes it has implemented, its base in Denmark has allowed it an incredible level of access to the rest of the globe. Indeed, the pro-business ethos found within Denmark has given it all the inspiration and drive it has needed to push through any challenges and make it through to the other side, with its impeccable team also being a point of inspiration that has made this possible and a strong focus on ensuring each of them can personally progress. Continuing to grow, change, and develop, much like its own industry, it will keep using expertise, automation, transparency, and simplicity to bring IP professionals and owners closer together as it moves into the future. Company: Rightly Contact: Jeppe Hudtloff Viinberg Website: Best LegalTech Solutions Provider 2022