Scandinavian Business Awards 2022

EU BUSINESS NEWS / Scandinavian Business Awards 2022 35 , been finished. Where many of its competitors make the companies dependent on its services to push for further consultations, it looks to give its clients the tools and resources they require to succeed for the foreseeable future. It has recently opened a second location in Denmark and expects to continue opening new locations in Denmark – and further afield. It also expects companies to continue in engaging in independent and trusted advisors (such as itself) for guidance and accommodation on the journey through change. Cornerstones’ vision is that it will be the guarantor of success in any project it is involved in, not only promising completed projects that offer its clients guaranteed success beyond the end of the project but that said project will be completed within the agreed frameworks when it was undertaken. Fundamental transformations that add real value to the customer, organisation, and its stakeholders, all within budget and on even the strictest of timescales. From the initial health check/business analysis to the final development, implementation and rollout in all locations, Cornerstones will continue to provide top-quality support and solutions to its clients, guaranteeing prompt and efficient transformations that result in long-standing success. Contact: Preben Fog Svendsen and Sander Dyrvig Company: Cornerstones A/S Web Addresses: and Jun22574 Excellence Award in ERP Implementation 2022 and Best Digital Transformer 2022 Companies often resort to expert advice and outside consultants when launching large programs such as ERP projects. Yet a lot of programs end up being unsuccessful. Cornerstones A/S challenges all of this, manifesting successes and profitability for its clients through its leading strategies and approach. It is consistently ensuring all projects are seen through to completion. Here we look to Cornerstones to find out how. Founded in 2019 by Sander Dyrvig and Preben Fog Svendsen, Cornerstones is an expert in business transformation with a special focus on optimising business systems (ERP+). It was established to make up for an industry where it has increasingly become a rule, rather than an unfortunate circumstance, not to finish an ERP/IT project on time or within budget. It is focused on ensuring a safe and value-adding ERP transformation, especially for companies not experienced with large-scale projects of this nature. Sander and Preben bring a combined experience from various prestigious companies, including LEGO, Bestseller, and VKR Group (VELUX, DOVISTA). Both have a uniquely nuanced view built from those years that informs Cornerstones’ approach to projects and transformations, informing how it does things and the fields of focus. Cornerstones never considers ERP implementations or Digital transformations to be IT projects……………these are to be considered business projects, involving the entire organisation. . Though digital tools are essential, its focus is primarily on the client company's readiness to focus on good processes, high data quality, as well as organisational structure, competencies and resources with clear roles and responsibilities. Cornerstones operates off a simple mantra: “It is not its customers' job to know what they want. It is its responsibility to tell them what they really need” Thus, it works very closely with the client throughout all portions of the project to ensure that the provided solutions are tailored to its customers' specific needs. Through working with a client, Cornerstones assesses the systems in how they will be used. This is only accomplished by the closeness in how it works with its clients. The greatest virtue of this close collaboration – alongside Cornerstones’ experienced and knowledgeable staff assessing things on its terms – is that it can perceive potential issues, roadblocks, or scenarios that could arise within the system and processes that the client may not have initially noted. In situations where this occurs, the team is more than willing to offer further alterations based on the needs of the clients and its stakeholders. Cornerstones has a holistic approach, focused on building up the organisation and the people within in equal measures. It recognises how crucial it is that the company's employees are aware of the company’s processes and can execute them. During a project, it ensures employees can implement the changes and new procedures throughout the value chain in a structured, synchronised, and disciplined manner. By building up both people and organisations, Cornerstones can guarantee that they can be completely independent after the project has