Scandinavian Business Awards 2022

36 EU BUSINESS NEWS / Scandinavian Business Awards 2022 , Jun22224 Many countries experience a lack of candidates, often not helped by how conservative the recruitment industry can be. As young people feel employers can’t live up to expectations, a gap between potential candidates and employers appears. Fortunately, Higher is one company with its fingers on the pulse of this issue and offers a suite of modern solutions tomake employers more attractive, appealing, and capable of grabbing better candidates. Higher is a hybrid of a recruitment system and company, developed to meet candidates’ needs for a smoother process when they apply for jobs. It is a cutting-edge recruitment tool designed to screen for the correct candidate without needing the traditional CV and personal letter methods. It is user-friendly for everyone involved, substituting the traditional recruitment methods for selection questions, tests, and candidate-provided video presentations. Higher’s goal is to revolutionise candidate hiring, using new ways to ensure it is a skillbased, open-minded, and accurate process. The tool uses a scoring system, giving each candidate a different score over a spread of modules so the employers will quickly get an overview of qualified candidates with the key competencies they are searching for. Many countries are experiencing record shortages of labour and, especially in this day of technology and convenience, it should not be difficult for candidates to apply for jobs – nor for employers to screen potential employees. The Higher tool exists to build bridges instead of walls. Today it has about 200 customers spanning six countries, having a strong focus on “blue collar” sectors (retail, hospitality, restaurants etc.) and what it calls the “professional sector” (carpenters, electricians, mechanics, technicians, etc.) Higher is an entirely document-free system, making it incredibly smooth to use for recruitment and even allowing employers to advertise with video ads instead of traditional written ads. Higher is developing the video elements of its tool, on the side of the employer and candidate, as critical features. It firmly believes that video gives a better and more personal first impression which allows the employer branding to get visibility early in the process and attract applications –inviting more, and better, candidates for each job listing. These video submissions (on the candidate side) are provided with questions that allow an employer to feel for the candidate immediately and determine whether they are an appropriate fit for the organisation. Beyond the video portion, there are still some more familiar elements. The tools recruitment method also utilises tailor-made selection questions, designed to be competence-, value- or situation-based. These questions are expertly paired with a robust and evidence-based personality test – measuring things such as motivation and self-confidence – to refine the search for the ideal candidate further. Instead of tons of CVs and cover letters, employers can select the candidates with the highest score in the modules based on the employers’ set preferences for any specific listing. This method allows everyone to be measured equally and on the same terms, and employers save up to 75% of the time on recruiting. Higher built its tool to respond to the trends it was seeing in the recruitment sector, both positive and negative. Looking to provide a fresher approach to help the industry modernise and fight the labour market shortages. The most predominant trend it noticed was the decisive move for the process to be entirely mobile-based – something that is happening very quickly. In most markets, mobile usage is the most dominant and, to meet this need, Higher realised it is necessary to develop methods to support this behaviour. It quickly adapted its business to industries with recruitment processes up and running to provide its expertise and ideas. It's entering a new phase of considerably scaling up the business and is onboarding new customers every week – while noting a rising demand from its existing customers to follow them outside Scandinavia. In the coming 12 months, it will ultimately establish the business in all Nordic countries, followed by other countries in the EU and the USA. The method provides a fair and unbiased selection based on what the candidates can and wants to do. It is a substantial departure from the established way of doing things, but hundreds of companies worldwide have found great success under Higher’s approach – and hundreds more will as it expands. Higher has brought something truly revolutionary to the market, and the award for Best Mobile Recruitment Tool Company in Stockholm is far from the last award its brilliant model will receive. Contact: Nicklas Wikblad Company: Higher Web Address: Best Mobile Recruitment Tool Company – Stockholm