Scandinavian Business Awards 2022

EU BUSINESS NEWS / Scandinavian Business Awards 2022 37 , atmosphere where all personnel are equals and work together harmoniously. Regardless of the enormous strides and actions it has taken thus far, Terntank still considers itself at the beginning of its energy transition mission. 2022 and beyond will see even further investment from traditional fossil fuels to new types of modern energy carriers, biofuel, and an arrangement of new e-fuels. It is also handling the extensive process of future-proofing its fleet to meet the IMO 2050 regulations and continuing to optimise and lower its CO2 emissions. Combining efficiency and reliability with corporate and environmental responsibility. Terntank has been a pioneer in safety and sustainability in tanker shipping for many decades and is guaranteed to keep its pole position. Contact: Jens P Buchhave Company: Terntank Rederi A/S Web Address: May22672 Ship Management Company of the Year 2022 Shipping can be an arduous and, sometimes, dangerous sector – an industry with a substantial effect on everyone involved and the environment surrounding it. With CO2 emissions and cleaner fuel and energy an ever-pressing concern, few companies take anywhere close to the steps that Terntank Rederi A/S has, conducting trustworthy and safe tanker shipping with a modern and environmentally safe fleet. Terntank Rederi A/S builds on four generations of shipping experience, having grown into what it is from humble origins in the early 20th century. Its more modern form was established on the island of Donsö in 1958, operating one dry cargo ship. The 21st century sees Terntank as a safe and sustainable shipping pioneer, operating its chemical product tankers from Skagen in Denmark. It is a front-runner aware of its responsibility to itself, its staff and crews, and the environment. Building and operating a modern fleet with a constant eye on improvements and the necessary changes needed for personal and environmental safety. Terntank has realised – like other modes of transport – that the shipping sector is reaching a point of no return and that changes are inevitable as well as required. Maritime safety, protecting the marine environment, and the crew's well-being have always been top priorities. The company prides itself on being way ahead of legislators in its actions – and continuously strives to remain responsible and at the top of its game. Its efforts to remain ahead of regulatory bodies manifested in the company’s Just-In-Time initiative – an environmental, operational model. This is focussed on optimising voyages, saving fuel and reducing emissions through close collaborations with its customers and other stakeholders. It is accomplished through a variety of methods, including not just the vessels they use but also how they are sailed; its actions (including adding electrical power to its vessels) haven’t just modernised its fleet but set the stage for a revolution in how it operates its fleet and how the industry moves going forward. The fleets Hybrid Solution, combining onshore power with conventional engines, is an incredible example.. Estimates see reductions to the tune of 456 metric tons of CO2 per ship per year from these hybrid ships. Terntank remains first-movers in implementing new technologies to its fleets for this purpose, boasting the first LNB/LBG fuelled newbuilding tanker vessels in the world and the first vessels that are 100% shore-power ready. Laser focussed on safe, reliable and fuel-efficient tanker shipping whilst using modern technology to maintain the lowest possible environmental footprint. Beyond its environment-conscious actions, it strives for a company culture where the ships and the shore-based organisation are as closely connected as possible. Despite their differences, Terntank knows that the work of those on land and at sea is equally essential. Thus, it has created an