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Q1 2023 Life’s A Lottery For the charities sector, there’s little more powerful than a grant from one of the many lotteries running around the world. Using money raised by ordinary people, these funds allow them to operate freely to make a difference with no expectations. Destiny Lottery is one of the latest names on the scene, but have already made an enormous difference to people around the world. We explore how they’ve made their mark. Destiny Lottery

Welcome to the Q1 edition of EU Business News, providing you with all of the latest news, features, and informative pieces from across the European Union. We have settled into 2023 and are now inching into February, with spring starting to appear on the horizon – the season for new beginnings and hope. The ‘new year, new me’ phase may have ended for many, but those in the world of business know exciting opportunities will keep coming, just as surely as the evenings will get lighter, the daffodils will bloom, and the temperatures will grow warmer. Our cover feature, Destiny Lottery is one of these businesses; the brainchild of Destiny Saint Jackson, it is a selfless venture that aims to give back to those who need it most. A deservingly successful and expanding project, Destiny Lottery has had such a positive impact on so many communities since its establishment. It has given hope to so many thanks to people purchasing its lottery tickets and the proceeds being donated to various charities. Not only this, but it has also transformed the lives of its winners with amazing prizes such as cash, cars, and more. And there’s more to come, with an array of outstanding companies among these pages. We hope you find their stories insightful and look forward to seeing you again soon for our Q2 issue. Rebecca Scotland, Editor Website: www.business-news.eu Q1 2023 AI Global Media, Ltd. (AI) takes reasonable measures to ensure the quality of the information on this web site. However, AI will not assume any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, correctness or completeness of any information that is available through this web site. If errors are brought to our attention, we will try to correct them. The information available through the website and our partner publications is for your general information and use and is not intended to address any particular finance or investment requirements. In particular, the information does not constitute any form of advice or recommendation by us or any of our partner publications and is not intended to be relied upon by users in making or refraining from making any investment or financial decisions. Appropriate independent advice should be obtained before making any such decision. Any arrangement made between you and any third party named in the site is at your sole risk and responsibility.

4. News 6. Destiny Lottery: Life’s A Lottery 8. customQuake GmbH: Most Innovative Software Development Company - North Germany 9. Q3 Security Systems: Best Intruder & Fire Alarms Supply & Installation Specialists – ROI 10. Skyways Sls Logistik Gmbh: Leading Specialists in Event Logistics - Germany 11. Lux-Augenoptik Gmbh & Co. KG: Eye Care Specialists of the Year – Brandenburg 12. Deko Moments: Best Wedding Decorations Rental Company 2022 14. Humanfish: Best Advertising Services CEO 2022: Hadrien Lecca 15. Ochsenfeld and Coll Rechtsanwälte: Best Data Protection & Employment Law Firm - Lower Saxony 16. Desertfoods International GmbH: Best Climate-Smart Agriculture Company 2022 18. DPM Mashel GmbH: Most Innovative Ecological Wall Paint Company - North-Rhine Westphalia Contents

NEWS Air France bolsters services to Canada and will launch new route between Paris-Charles de Gaulle and Ottawa in June 2023 ir France continues to increase capacity to Canada. In summer 2023, Air France will operate up to 50 weekly flights to 5 destinations in Canada: Ottawa (new service in 2023), Quebec City (new service in 2022), Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver (destinations served year-round by Air France). The service between Paris-Charles de Gaulle and Ottawa Macdonald-Cartier (YOW) will be inaugurated on June 27, 2023, and will be operated five times weekly – Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays – on Air France's 224-seater Airbus A330-200 (36 in Business, 21 in Premium Economy, and 167 in Economy). Flight schedules (local times): AF328: Leaves Paris-Charles de Gaulle at 13:10, arrives in Ottawa at 15:05 AF327: Leaves Ottawa at 17:05, arrives at ParisCharles de Gaulle the following day at 06:15 "We are proud to be the only airline flying nonstop from Ottawa to Europe," declared JeanEudes de La Bretèche, General Manager of Air France KLM Canada, "and are delighted about the new tourism, cultural and business opportunities this service between the two capitals will generate. This now brings to five the Canadian destinations Air France serves." The Air France bus service currently available to customers free of charge between Montreal-Trudeau Airport and Ottawa will continue to offer two daily shuttles. The bus times are specifically scheduled to facilitate connections with Air France flights to and from Paris. Two daily bus services also link Montreal-Trudeau and Quebec City. Ottawa, Canada's capital The fourth largest city in Canada, Ottawa and the neighboring Gatineau area is home to the country's federal institutions. • Launch of a new route between Paris-Charles de Gaulle and Ottawa, with 5 weekly non-stop flights on Airbus A330-200 as of June 27. • Resumption of the Paris-Charles de Gaulle – Quebec City service inaugurated in summer 2022, with 3 weekly nonstop flights on Boeing 787-9 effective May 2. • Increased frequencies to Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver, served year-round by Air France. A Nature-friendly and defined by an exceptional architectural heritage, the Ottawa region features 800 km of urban circuits and rural trails that may be explored on foot, by boat or by bike. Its many museums offer opportunities to discover the history and culture of Canada. Resumption of the Paris-Charles de Gaulle – Quebec City service and increased capacity to other destinations in Canada Inaugurated in summer 2022, the seasonal Paris-Charles de Gaulle-Quebec City service will resume this year starting on May 2, 2023. There will be three weekly flights on Boeing 787-9 on Tuesdays, Fridays and Sundays. Flight schedules (local times): AF352: Leaves Paris-Charles de Gaulle at 20:50, arrives in Quebec City at 22:05 AF353: Leaves Quebec City at 23:55, arrives at Paris-Charles de Gaulle at 12:40 Flights to destinations served year-round by Air France will also be increased, boosting the overall flight capacity to Canada by more than 25% compared to 2019. Consequently, Air France will be connecting travellers between its Paris-Charles de Gaulle hub and: • Montreal (the company's second leading international long-haul destination) with up to three daily flights, • Toronto with two daily flights, • Vancouver with one daily flight. In addition, KLM, part of Air France-KLM Group, will connect Amsterdam-Schiphol airport to the following destinations in Canada this summer: Toronto with up to 13 vols flights weekly • Calgary with 7 flights weekly • Vancouver with up to 7 flights weekly • Montreal with up to 5 flights weekly • Edmonton with up to 4 flights weekly A KLM bus service also runs between Montreal-Trudeau and Ottawa. Detailed flight times, days and fares may be consulted on airfrance.com and klm.com Operating in Canada since 1950, Air France will be the top European airline this summer in terms of capacity between Europe and Canada. Detailed flight times, days and fares may be consulted on airfrance.com The flight schedules herein are subject to change and pending the necessary governmental authorizations. Their rollout will take into account any pandemic measures in effect in the different countries or destinations served. Before travelling, Air France urges its customers to check the travel restrictions and documents required upon arrival at their destination. For more information, go to airfrance.traveldoc.aero.

NEWS WWF and Huawei Italy Launch Project to Safeguard Biodiversity in Italian Agroecosystems WWF Italy, Rainforest Connection, and Huawei Italy recently renewed collaboration on the Nature Guardian series of area-based conservation projects. The second phase aims to study agriculture's impact on biodiversity in Italy using innovative audio-monitoring technologies. Twenty-four offline RFCx AudioMoth edge devices have been deployed to record the sounds of different animal species over 12 months in eight agroecosystems: Valle dello Sporeggio, Bosco di Vanzago, Ghirardi, Ripabianca di Jesi, Calanchi di Atri, Lake Penne, Monte Sant'Elia, and Lake Preola/Gorghi Tondi. The collected data is sent to a Huawei cloud platform for analysis by the Rainforest Connection Arbimon tool, with the analytics function trained to recognize the calls of target species. The resulting data insights, which would be impossible to acquire through conventional manual methods, will be used to study the characteristics and trends of biodiversity in agroecosystems, including the relationship between different farming practices and nature conservation. "Thanks to the renewed collaboration with Huawei and Rainforest Connection, we will conduct bioacoustic surveys that will allow us to compare the biodiversity of the agricultural areas managed with organic methods within WWF Oases with those of other neighboring agricultural areas managed using conventional methods," said Benedetta Flammini, Marketing & Communication Director of WWF Italy. Intensive industrial agriculture has had a devastating impact on global biodiversity. In 2021, the UN Environmental Program (UNEP) reported that the global food system is the primary driver of biodiversity loss, with agriculture alone responsible for 86% of the extinction-level threats facing 28,000 species. Moreover, 80% of global deforestation, 60% of fresh water usage, and 23% of greenhouse gas emissions are attributable to the impact of agriculture. The European Commission (EC) recognizes that agricultural biodiversity is on the decline in the EU, responding with a common agricultural policy to enhance the variety of species, habitats, and landscape features found in EU farmland ecosystems. Aligned with WWF's Food4Future, Huawei's TECH4ALL program, and EC policy, the project's data-driven insights are intended to help guide future best practices for sustainable agriculture, including balancing the needs of nature and people and promoting a food supply system that is resilient, inclusive, sustainable, and healthier. "At Huawei, we embrace the objectives of the European Green Deal and the 'farm to fork' strategy," said Wilson Wang, CEO of Huawei Italy. "By placing our technology at the service of these objectives, we want to contribute to the creation of a more sustainable food system, preserving the richness and variety that Italy can boast in terms of wildlife and habitats in agricultural environments." Running from the Alps to Sicily, the selected sites in the second phase of the Nature Guaridan project include apple orchards, vineyards, olive groves, citrus groves, wheat fields, and land intended for the cultivation of cereals and vegetables. Launched in 2021, the first phase of the Nature Guardian project covers three protected WWF Oasis sites in Italy: Lake Burano, Orbetello Lagoon, and Astroni Crater. Forty-five offline AudioMoth and 10 online Guardian devices were deployed to study biodiversity and detect illegal activities such as poaching, unauthorized dirt bikes, and logging. So far, the results have been positive. The system has identified 49 species of birds and mammals and generated 2,000 real-time alerts on potentially illegal activities. The alerts have led to more than 30 field checks, one of which resulted in the destruction of poaching equipment in December 2021 by the Italian police and WWF.

6. Oct22347 Life’s A Lottery The idea of donating to charity can be one which people don’t necessarily love. While most know that it is a good thing, and often the right thing, it can be a challenge to find a place where you feel comfortable making that decision. Buying a lottery ticket is one of the ways in which people can feel satisfied with their choice, as they have a chance of getting something back in return as well! Destiny Lottery was designed with this in mind, with the primary intent to create ways of giving something back. Destiny Saint Jackson has been the brainchild behind the operation, and used to donate 2.5% of her salary to charities. The feel of fulfilment, of having given something to others without conditions or expectations of instant return, were wonderful. Through Destiny Lottery, Destiny has been able to help out many wonderful charities, despite people often being more interested in getting money than they are in giving it. Some of the offerings from the Destiny Lottery team over the years have included cash prizes, deeds to property and land, as well as cars. These rewards have transformed the lives of so many people for the better. The positive impact of buying a ticket means that more people are encouraged to do it. It’s clear that Destiny Lottery is not just a win-or-lose situation but one where even if you don’t win the jackpot, you have still made an immensely positive impact on society. This is why it has been able to reach beyond its humble beginnings in Nigeria and expand into Europe so effectively. As a lottery, it’s clear that the aim of Destiny Lottery is not purely profit-driven. In fact, the primary objective has always been to make giving to charities exciting. In the past, Destiny Lottery has given to luminous organisations such as Greenpeace and Save the Children, alongside the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation. These are charities which have enormous costs, and even the smallest gesture can have the biggest impact. This latter has been much of the focus of the team over the last few months. The climate crisis is one which will have an enormous impact on all of us and the team at Destiny Lottery know that their donations could make an enormous difference in the For the charities sector, there’s little more powerful than a grant from one of the many lotteries running around the world. Using money raised by ordinary people, these funds allow them to operate freely to make a difference with no expectations. Destiny Lottery is one of the latest names on the scene, but have already made an enormous difference to people around the world. We explore how they’ve made their mark. right hands. Over the years, numerous people have been able to benefit from the team’s amazing work, often those who need support the most in society. The grants and donations from the team might not necessarily be the largest, but they are always well placed in order to make the maximum possible impact. Over time, the impact of Destiny Lottery has helped to provide much needed care and relief in difficult times. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the effect of these carefully chosen donations was extraordinary on the public at large. At the end of the day, Destiny Lottery was created to have a positive effect on people, both those who bought tickets and those who benefitted from charitable donations. As the lottery continues to expand, it will be possible to share this success with even more people. This expansion, of course, begins with Europe, an international hub when it comes to reducing the carbon footprint. This region of the world has long been committed to putting united action into place to have a real impact on the ways in which we live. From their headquarters in Amsterdam, the Destiny Lottery team have easy access to the entire EU, giving them the ability to spread their reach and influence significantly. The growth of Destiny lottery, despite the challenges of the economic situation for many, has been a credit to the team’s commitment to their core values. A comprehensive advertising campaign has gone a long way to defining the way in which the team is seen. Destiny Lottery is not just a charity organisation and it’s not just a way of hoping that participants will get rich. It’s something fun to do that makes a difference. Communicating the fun and joy of taking part in this is the real secret behind the team’s success, and they do so in a way which is colourful and intriguing in equal measure. The sense of fun has proven to be core to the success of Destiny Lottery, with the team working tirelessly to ensure that this noble endeavour is never perceived as dull or staid. Thanks to the amazing efforts of the team, this is certainly not likely to be the case. Having made their name in Nigeria, we can’t wait to see what impact they make on the European market! Company: Destiny Lottery Name: Destiny Saint Jackson Email: [email protected]

Best Technology Development Company - Capital Region of Denmark

8. Most Innovative Software Development Company - North Germany customQuake develops modern, intuitive browser-based and data-driven software products for customers in the fields of complex ecommerce solutions and digital twins. As the company celebrates its success within the German Business Awards 2022, we speak to Managing Director, Markus Meyer-Westphal to learn more about how its products help its customers. customQuake designs and implements cloud-based applications that enable customers to digitise their business processes. To create these, its team develops and connects multiple system interfaces to an individual project platform – and the results are efficient and smooth digital ecosystems for online selling or monitoring industry or infrastructure. Markus gives us a further insight into how the team takes each project on: “We listen, understand, and then implement the best possible solution in an agile way. We map our customers’ business processes in a digitally-optimised way. And we anticipate the future impact of today’s requirements.” He continues, “We show passion for outstanding sustainable software applications in the specific fields of ecommerce and digital twins. We are authentic and open-minded in cooperation with our partners and clients, which makes us excellent contributing personnel in the concept and development phases. And, finally, we are guided by reliability. Our teamwork results in convincing results and award-winning software deliverables.” “We at customQuake are driven by the will to develop ourselves with projects and customers every day. This is a founding principle that hasn’t changed since day one.” There is the association, too, between high quality and “made in Germany”, which is more commonly connected to the German mechanical engineering and automotive industry. Markus explains, “The software development branch emancipated and got an excellent reputation in the world. Not only the SAPs but also great ecommerce software platforms like the Munich-based commercetools, which we have been a partner of since the very beginning of the company. commercetools is one of the most modern headless ecommerce engines in the world, positioned as a leader in digital commerce by analysts like Gartner and Forrester.” In Northern Germany, especially Hamburg, customQuake is focused on developing excellent ecommerce solutions throughout Germany. Hamburg is also a city with a lot of engineering around VR and AR, an enriching location for this company that is well-established in delivering in-demand AR- and VR-based projects in the fields of digital twins and smart assistance. Every team member at customQuake contributes to each stage of every project, with everybody being allowed to make decisions. At the same time, the company welcomes mistakes, with Markus saying, “We never develop alone; at least four pairs of eyes will review source code. Everybody understands that errors make us stronger. With this freedom, everybody is willing to take responsibility. This makes people at customQuake the most valuable resource we can provide in a project.” He adds, “We are not keyboard rattlers. When we develop software, a large part of it is understanding the client’s objectives and developing technical concepts to provide the best solution possible. Therefore, we live a participative approach in software development from the very beginning. “Our tools are paramount. Not only hardware and software, but our team working and code sharing sessions are mostly online – and this not only since the Covid-19 pandemic. We’ve had home office regulations way before the pandemic. Given this, it is crucial that we engage mostly highly talented or project experienced backend, frontend and fullstack developers and architects as well as technical consultants and technical project managers with experience in agile software development.” Now, the customQuake team are basking in the glory of their awards success, being no stranger to prestigious awards and prizes. Among these, the Deutscher Digital Award and the international buildingSMART award for the smartBRIDGE Hamburg project, the digital twin of Hamburg’s famous landmark and harbour bridge, the Köhlbrand Bridge. The project combines a data-driven Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) platform being served by data from 520 sensors and other data sources together with a modern and intuitive 3D experience of a digital representative of the bridge. Bridge managers intuitively and visually explore condition indicators while bridge test engineers may drill down to the last single sensor data. The smartBRIDGE digital twin enables predictive maintenance, a business objective to support the so-called mobility 4.0. With smartBRIDGE Hamburg, the team developed a “gold standard” example of a digital twin in the infrastructure area. It brought customQuake into research projects of the German ministry of transportation and combines its passion for software engineering and modern user interfaces. So, what’s next for the customQuake team? Markus shares, “In general, we are focusing further on content-driven ecommerce solutions and will extend the digital twin unit of our company. The demand on professional VR and AR solutions is growing; we recently partnered with important software manufacturers in this area and will go on with two large scale research projects for the German ministry of transportation. Thus, combining IIoT, digital twins, and VR/AR will be one of our main objectives.” Company: customQuake GmbH Contact: Markus Meyer-Westphal Email: [email protected] Website: www.customquake.com Oct22550

Jul22493 9. Jul22493 No matter what kind of property we own or manage, we need the right security systems to go with it. There will always be a growing demand for security systems, and we’ve found a company that works diligently to provide the best of the best. Here we learn more about Q3 Security Systems as it wins this tremendous award in the European Enterprise Awards 2022. When buying, running, or renting a property it is of utmost importance that we safeguard it and keep it out of harm’s way. Inevitably, there will be times when our security systems are needed more than others – which is exactly why we need a team that cares as well as knows how to help. Q3 Security Systems provides its seasoned experience to residential properties, schools and colleges, business premises, public houses, and many more. Offering a round-the-clock service, Q3 is dedicated to customer service, protection, and full satisfaction. Founded by Sean Mullally in 2012, Q3 Group has become an unstoppable force leading the way in Ireland. Guided by Sean, who has over 30 years of experience in the security systems industry, Q3 Security Systems has truly flourished. Of course, Q3 wouldn’t be where it is today without its team of dedicated staff. With a formidable team of accomplished system installers and IT experts, Q3’s security services are of the highest standard – so that its customers can protect their properties. The team offers 24/7/365 technical support for CCTV systems, access control systems, alarm systems, gate and barrier automation, and two-way radio and intercom systems. All of its systems can work together in complete harmony, for maximum security and the greatest level of peace of mind. It guarantees premium systems that are fitted with ease and precision. Q3 staff all follow guidelines and protocols to ensure all equipment and wires are installed to the highest standards. The group also hold experience of operating in the most clinical of settings such as hospitals, warehouses, and more, which only adds to the level of professionalism within the team. In 2019, Q3 Security Systems was presented with the Silver VASP Award from Hikvision UK & Ireland – an achievement that the entire team could be extremely proud of. Now, Winning Best Intruder & Fire Alarms Supply & Installation Specialists, ROI, Q3 Security Systems has been awarded with a title that reflects its hard work and devotion to safety. Its future looks very bright as it continues to focus its energy on supporting its customers as it provides top-tier security solutions. Not only are we pleased to celebrate how far Q3 Security Systems has come, but we are looking forward to seeing what it is going to do in the future. Congratulations. Contact: Sean Mullally Company: Q3 Security Systems Web Address: http://q3.ie/ Best Intruder & Fire Alarms Supply & Installation Specialists – ROI Jan23140 Q3 Security Systems provides its seasoned experience to residential properties, schools and colleges, business premises, public houses, and many more. Offering a round-the-clock service, Q3 is dedicated to customer service, protection, and full satisfaction.

10. Nov22729 Offering competitive international logistics services to meet its customers’ global needs, Skyways SLS Logistik GmbH has been in this business for several years and understands exactly what it takes to deliver products with the utmost care. We profile the firm in the wake of it being recognised in the German Business Awards 2022. Skyways Group was founded in August 1983 by its current Chairman, Mr. Sharma, with an initial team of just four people. Starting its journey as a custom broker, the group moved on to be an airfreight forwarder within its first year of operation. Since then, Skyways has evolved and has become a solid player in the field of logistics. It has grown horizontally and vertically over the last couple of decades and has consistently upped its game by adding other logistics services to its portfolio like Ocean freight, Express, Warehousing, Road transportation, and a Logistics Academy. One of the key achievements of Skyways is that it became the number one air freight forwarder of India in 2017 and 2018 as per the World ACD. With key partnerships with the biggest airlines across the world and servicing some of the best-known names across industry verticals like textiles, automotive, pharmaceuticals, and perishables. Today, Skyways Group has more than 650 employees, 27 offices in India, as well as overseas offices in Germany, Vietnam, and Bangladesh. It is accredited with AEO, ISO 9001:2015 and various other key industry accreditations, and it prides itself for its IT capabilities. All group companies have extremely advanced ERP systems and e-portals capable of integrating with any ERP of the world, enabling them to offer API integration for best-in-class services to its customers. Skyways is globally in the Top 40 list of e-AWB list issued by IATA strongly showcasing its strong IT penetration. Formed in 2012, Skyways SLS Logistik GmbH (Skyways SLS Logistik) was the first international office of Skyways Group in Frankfurt, Germany. The inception of this company realised the potential of exhibition logistics in Germany. The firm gives its customers services they can bank on and Skyways SLS Logistik offers comprehensive logistics solutions for fairs, exhibitions, tradeshows, conventions, and private displays all over Germany as well as Europe. The main mission of the company is to satisfy the international logistics and supply chain requirements of its customers and it takes pride in providing services that are reliable, time-sensitive, cost-effective, and tailored to the unique requirements of each and every one of its customers. Recently, in recognition of its dedication and commitment to the industry and its clients, Skyways SLS Logistik was named in the German Business Awards 2022 and crowned with the prestigious title of Leading Specialists in Event Logistics – Germany. Now, as the future beckons, and in line with its vision of being a holistic solution provider and giving its customers services they can rely on, the group latterly launched its new brand slogan – Moving with You. Company: Skyways Sls Logistik Gmbh Web Address: https://skyways-logistik.de/ Leading Specialists in Event Logistics - Germany

Aug22136 Eye Care Specialists of the Year – Brandenburg With three successful branches and a long history, Lux-Augenoptik Gmbh & Co. KG (Lux-Augenoptik) is a traditional optician with a big heart. Passionate not only about its business but also its community, the company is committed to delivering excellence wherever it is needed. We profile the firm in the wake of it being recognised in the German Business Awards 2022 for its commitment to the industry. Lux-Augenoptik Gmbh & Co. KG was initially founded more than 90 years ago in 1928, at Bernauer Straße 43 in Oranienburg, under the name Harder Optik. What started out as a small optometrist serving the local community spiralled into a larger and much more successful organisation – however, local community is still very much at the heart of its operations. In 1940, Mr Scherwinsky took over the business and, in 1959, the company was renamed Lux-Augenoptik by Mr Steinhäuse and, in the same year, it was converted into an HO company. Eberhard Hennes, the father of today's managing director, Steffen Hennes, began his apprenticeship with the company in 1968. The commercial success of LuxAugenoptik developed steadily and the business premises soon became too small, so the company moved to Bernauer Straße 4 in 1988. Eberhard Hennes, the former trainee, took over the HO company together with the optometrist, Lutz Röher. Contact lenses were relatively late in the range, and were only added to the firm’s product line in 1997. In the years that followed, Steffen Hennes gradually familiarised himself with the business operations and so Lutz Rohrer was able to withdraw little by little, finally retiring in 2003. The company continued to develop and, in 2007, a number of modernisations were carried out – retinal checks, eye pressure measurements, and visual field measurements were added as additional optometric examinations. In 2008, Steffen Hennes’ father, Eberhard Hennes celebrated his 40th professional anniversary and, of the 80 years since the company was founded, Mr Hennes had spent exactly half of this time, 40 years, with the company having developed from a one-time trainee to a successful entrepreneur – a real reason to celebrate. In 2014, the c o m p a n y expanded to Hennigsdorf and opened a branch there with Volker Hennig taking over the business. At that time, he had already gained 60 years of ophthalmic experience on site, together with his predecessor. Today, his daughter, optometrist, Simone Hennig capably runs the business. The company continued to expand in the following years and is now also represented with a branch in Bernau. As well as financial interests as a business, the company’s priorities are in the educational space, too, and Lux-Augenoptik supports a range of community endeavours and local clubs through its programme, which has existed for more than 10 years, and is financed from every single pair of glasses sold by the company. At the beginning of 2022, the firm’s specialist flagship shop in Oranienburg was awarded the TOP100 optician award for the fifth time in a row. The firm celebrated by organising a concert together with a brass band. More recently, Lux-Augenoptik celebrated success in the German Business Awards 2022 as it was named Eye Care Specialists of the Year – Brandenburg. This prestigious accolade is testament to the commitment and dedication of the entire team over the many years that the firm has loyally served the local communities in which it operates. Lux-Augenoptik Gmbh & Co. KG was initially founded more than 90 years ago in 1928, at Bernauer Straße 43 in Oranienburg, under the name Harder Optik. What started out as a small optometrist serving the local community spiralled into a larger and much more successful organisation – however, local community is still very much at the heart of its operations. Company: Lux-Augenoptik Gmbh & Co. KG Web Address: www.lux-augenoptik.de Oct22085

12. Oct22037 Best Wedding Decorations Rental Company 2022 Planning a wedding is stressful at the best of times, so why not pass over your décor requirements to an experienced company so you can concentrate on the more important details of your wedding? That’s where Deko Moments comes in to play… Based in Günzburg, Bavaria, the firm is a well-established and trusted event outfitter that specialises in decoration rental for a range of special occasions and events, such as wedding, anniversaries, birthday parties, christenings, corporate events, and everything in between! Established by husband and wife team, Claudia and Alexander Schmucker, the company came to light after the two creative minds organised and arranged their own wedding, and not only did they do it well, they developed a real taste for it! Claudia, already a trained decorator, and tax clerk Alexander were soon asked by friends if they could help furnish and decorate their weddings too, and as word of their creativity spread, the dynamic duo decided to make a go of it. Due to the constantly increasing demand for the decoration rental and event outfitter start-up, the family business grew constantly in the following years. The network of partners and trusted companies that Deko Moments work with has also been steadily expanded, too. In this way, requests for stage technology, live acts, and catering companies could soon be accommodated. Now, some 11 years later, the pair works closely with a team of decorative designers and florists to turn events of all shapes and sizes into unforgettable moments. In addition to the company headquarters with a showroom in Günzburg, there are now four other showrooms in Heidenheim ad Brenz, Höchstädt ad Donau, Kirchheim Teck, and Allmendingen From unforgettable weddings, lavish celebrations, and all-round successful company celebrations, Deko Moments is the professional event outfitter and party decorator for festive occasions and themed parties of all kinds. “From advice and planning to assembly and dismantling to the hygiene concept, we make your event look good all round!” enthuses Claudia who has seen over the With more than 15 years of decoration experience in the retail and window trade, Deko Moments specialises in creating events of which dreams are made! We find out more from the husband and wife team who are as passionate about your event as you are! No wonder they were recently named as winners of the German Business Awards 2022. years more than 1,000 satisfied customers. “It doesn't matter whether it's a wedding celebration or a company event, everyone can rely on our many years of experience, our creativity, and professional routine when it comes to furnishing and decorating your event! With our all-round carefree service, we take care of the entire event organisation for you – from detailed planning to set-up and dismantling. Every event is unique, so let us make your event dreams come true!” There are several major factors that firmly set Deko Moments aside from others, especially in such a saturated and fiercely competitive marketplace, and these are the attention to detail which goes into each and every item needed for the event; the passion that the couple share for what they do; and the unique concept of the company – the rental of wedding equipment. A relatively new thing to hit the wedding industry is the rental idea, whereby couples rent all their ‘extras’, such as décor, furniture, crockery, and cutlery, and then simply give it back at the end of the celebration! “At Deko Moments you can rent everything to do with the wedding in a relaxed manner,” enthuses Claudia. “From the impressive table decorations to the complete furnishing including covers to the tasteful hall decorations, you can save yourself a lot of time, nerves, and money when purchasing your wedding decorations.” One of the big highlights in Deko Moments’ history was the founding of GS Crockery Rental in 2018, which went hand in hand with the expansion of the current range to include crockery, cutlery, and glasses. Now, with more than 60,000 items stocked by the firm, brides and grooms have so much choice available at their fingertips in which to create their perfect wedding. Claudia, who already had some décor experience and a creative nature when she founded the company, is constantly adding to the range of items available, in order to have the best array of choice of any event planner out there. But where does she take her inspiration from? “Whenever possible, we go to trade fairs at home and abroad, where we gather a lot of inspiration for our work,” she elaborates. “But even away from trade fairs, we are always inquisitive and on the lookout for the latest trends. Inspiration often comes all by itself!” Contact: Claudia & Alexander Schmucker Company: Deko Moments Web Address: www.dekomoments.de

This has even led to the proactive and adventurous couple setting up a further company, Blümlii, which specialises in floral creations and bouquets which can be delivered to people’s homes. “We see flowers not only as a luxury item, but rather as an opportunity to convey personal, loving, encouraging, or other messages from everyday life,” Claudia says, telling us more about the rationale behind the company. “For this reason, we want to offer our customers the opportunity to let our Blümliis speak for them. Each bouquet stands out due to the types of flowers specially selected for it and their individual composition.” Recently, in recognition of their hard work and dedication over the last decade or so, Claudia and Alexander, or more specifically Deko Moments, was named Best Wedding Decorations Rental Company 2022 in the German Business Awards. Understandably delighted, the loved up couple have decided to let some of their happy customers do the talking on their behalf! "We decided to use the rental service for our decorations,” begins S Schultheis, who used the company for her wedding. “When we came to Deco Moments with a picture in December, we were able to choose the right containers together in their showroom. We appreciate the unbeatable advantage that you can see the decorative items straight away and their look and feel on a table. We felt comfortable at all times and appreciate the great service and the large selection of individual decorative items. Also, the sufficient supply of candles in stock for the celebration itself. “We can fully recommend Deko Moments. An ingenious price-performance ratio. We would choose Deko Moments again at any time." S Miller was also similarly over the moon with the service she received for her big day, and she shared: “Great advice in advance and the result on the wedding day looked fantastically beautiful. We would never have had such a great table decoration without Deco Moments and now we have to think about where to put all the glass jars. The service with candles, decorative sand, etc. was very pleasant. Gladly again for another occasion!” Finally, Julia and Benjamin cannot recommend Deko Moments enough, and stated: “Thank you very much for the great decoration at our wedding! Your advice and ideas have more than enriched our party and made it an unforgettable day for us. Above all, the absolutely uncomplicated processing and lending were really great!”

14. Best Advertising Services CEO 2022: Hadrien Lecca A new species of creative agency, founded in 2019, Humanfish operates with passion and zeal in order to recreate brands and get them to be seen in a new light. We speak to the firm’s CEO, Hadrien Lecca, as he celebrates a prestigious win in the German Business Awards 2022. Self-styled as a ‘brand changer’, Humanfish is an independent creative marketing and advertising group made up of a creative agency, a production company, and a media agency, with two locations in both Paris and Marseille. As an independent French group with a strong culture and values, the 20-strong team at Humanfish puts the collective and creative intelligence of all of its talents at the service of the marketing and communication of the firm’s customers, believing that brands have the power to change society and the people who compose it. “This belief is summed up at the heart of our new mission: ‘Moving brands forward. Move society,’” explains Hadrien Lecca, the dedicated Chief Executive Officer behind the successful brand. “We are not going in circles; we are moving forward. We don't hustle; we evolve. We imagine smarter and better performing campaigns.” The creative ecosystem at Humanfish is organised around three verticals to meet all of its clients’ needs and in order to create business value across the entire chain. Focused on creating brands in line with the world around us, Humanfish aims to bring brands up-to-date to ensure that they can respond more precisely to the aspirations of their targets. “We are this new generation of creatives with a strong culture, insighted by society and the humans who compose it,” Hadrien enthuses. “We are as comfortable in the real world as in the virtual world. We are convinced that the brand has the power to change mentalities. It is our religion!” What makes the firm stand out from its competitors is arguably its passion, which is clearly at Hadrien’s very core and emanating from his person in everything he undertakes, from the hero brands he helps to create to the innovative and inspirational campaigns that form his client’s underlying marketing strategies. Hadrien’s perpetual quest for “the best” ensures that Humanfish distinguishes itself from the crowd by its audacity, its message, the values it embodies, and the courage it demonstrates. “At Humanfish, we are obsessed with bringing out the best in everything we do,” elaborates Hadrien. “An endless quest for strategic and creative accuracy. Constant questioning to transform your brand into a hero brand. We believe the best is in everything we do.” Recently, Hadrien was recognised for his tenacity and dedication to the industry by being named Best Advertising Services CEO in the German Business Awards 2022. Now, as he looks to a bright future, Hadrien is determined to continue pushing the boundaries to takes brands off the traditional path and onto an entirely new creative journey. Contact: Hadrien Lecca Company: Humanfish Web Address: www.humanfish-paris.com Sep22323

Jul22493 15. German law firm, Ochsenfeld and Coll Rechtsanwälte (Ochsenfeld) specialises in completely relieving its clients of their data protection and data security issues, taking care of all the necessary pitfalls in order to provide complete customer satisfaction. We find out more about the firm as it celebrates success in the German Business Awards 2022. Based in Hildesheim, Ochsenfeld and Coll Rechtsanwälte is a law firm offering competent legal advice exclusively in data protection law. Founded and ably run by Attorney Michael F Ochsenfeld who is an experienced speaker for seminars on data protection law, works council training, and lectures, the company assists small- and mediumsized companies nationwide. With more than 15 years’ worth of experience under his belt, Michael is a certified data protection officer and data protection auditor (DAS-TÜV Süd), and also works as an external data protection officer. As well as this, Michael advises companies on the creation and introduction of data protection concepts and carries out data protection audits to check conformity. As an expert for data protection and data security (BDSF eV), he supports companies competently in all questions of data protection and data security. By obtaining the qualification of "Data Protection Risk Manager (FOM)", he has also demonstrated his special knowledge of data protection and IT law. Being qualified and skilled in these areas has the distinct advantage for clients that everything can all be handled by one person, problems be solved quickly, efficiently and at a high level, without the need for an additional lawyer or attorney. The services that Michael and his skilled and experienced team can provide include: German, European, and international data protection law; date protection in the field of telemedia and telecommunications; data protection in various sectors (banks, healthcare, automotive, media, trade, municipal administration, associations); privacy due diligence; advice, training and further education of data protection officers; risk analysis, determination of protection requirements, creation of security concepts; security requirements in accordance with 'Law on the Implementation of the European Directive for Ensuring High Network and Information Security"; requirements according to the "Ordinance for determining critical infrastructures according to the BSI law"; requirements of the banking supervisory law; information protection, trade secret protection; and litigation and representation in official proceedings (damages, warnings, criminal and administrative offense law, fine law). Recently, for its hard work, commitment and dedication, Ochsenfeld was recognised in the German Business Awards 2022 and named Best Data Protection & Employment Law Firm - Lower Saxony. Michael and the team are clearly delighted with this prestigious accolade that goes a long way to highlighting the firm’s capabilities for potential new clients. Contact: Michael F Ochsenfeld Company: Ochsenfeld and Coll Rechtsanwälte Web Address: www.ochsenfeld.com Best Data Protection & Employment Law Firm - Lower Saxony Oct22131

Jul22546 16. ith a population approaching nine billion on planet earth, and the serious issues of climate change, desertification of farmland, food (in-) security, food safety, and water shortages becoming increasingly worse, there is a huge worldwide awareness to improve conditions, particularly in arid and semi-arid environments. In these regions, traditional soil farming is struggling with these issues. Small-scale farmers in particular are being impacted and these farming practices are no longer sustainable. Soil-cultivated production yields are often decimated by droughts or floods, bush fires, or other local challenges such as locust plagues destroying farmers’ annual harvests. The future is looking bleak. Feeding the planet’s increasing population with finite resources is a major global issue making the production of high-quality, year-round, and locally cultivated nutrient and proteinrich food one of the utmost priorities for the immediate future. “There needs to be new ways of farming where we are more water wise, more sustainable, eco-friendly, and climate smart,” explains Karsten Jansen, the co-founder and managing director of private impact investor group backed Desertfoods. “We have a mission of cultivating the future by responsible, zero-waste farming in harmony with nature using decoupled multi-loop aquaponics food production systems.” Sounds complicated? Let us break it down a little further. Stand-alone hydroponics and aquaculture farming practices are long proven production methods supplying reliable and predictable food in the Global North. Both farming methodologies are independently deployed for the commercial farming of fresh vegetables and selected fruits (hydroponics), and the rearing of fresh or saltwater aquatic fish species in cages, earthen ponds, or recirculating systems (aquaculture). Since the mid-1990s the yield from wild caught fisheries has stagnated, making aquaculture the only possible source of fish-based protein to satisfy the supply deficit. This has made aquaculture the fastest growing agriculture sector over the past decade. Wild caught fish meat is also becoming increasingly contaminated with microplastics causing a food safety problem which will put even more reliance on land-based aquaculture. In contrast to conventional in-field agriculture, hydroponics cultivation practices do not rely on soil for a growing medium but Best Climate-Smart Agriculture Company 2022 Founded in 2019 and headquartered in Germany, Desertfoods International GmbH (Desertfoods) is a management, IP, and investment holding firm which aims to address food security by promoting decoupled multi-loop aquaponics farming technology by way of a ‘farming-asa-service’ approach. We find out more from the firm’s co-founder and executive leader as it celebrates a win in the European Enterprise Awards 2022. instead are cultivated using mineral nutrient solutions in water. The roots are either directly exposed to the nutrient-rich liquid or physically supported by an inert medium such as rockwool or gravel. Nutrients used in hydroponic systems can come from different external sources e.g. artificial fertilisers or organic matter such as manure or compost. Aquaponics refers to any system that combines aquaculture with hydroponics in a closed circular ecosystem which reduces wastestreams to a minimum by recovering and reutilising the nutrients. This addresses multiple issues with traditional agriculture. Desertfoods’ have taken the recovery and reuse of nutrients to a new level with their decoupled multi-loop production system. This technology creates superior growth conditions for both the plants and fish when compared to the closed one-loop methodology regularly applied in backyard or small-scale community aquaponic operations. The result is greater use of inputs, higher production, and reduced waste streams. Nutrients are recovered using the firm’s patent-granted technologies of a nutrient concentrator for the aquaculture water and wet composting of the aquaculture and processing waste streams. “You're essentially using the waste from one product and converting that into a value-contributing input to the other product”, Karsten W Contact: Karsten Jansen Company: Desertfoods International GmbH Web Address: www.desertfoods-international.com Email: [email protected] Jan23372

17. elaborates. “So recovered nutrients and fertilisers generated from the fish are fed through to the vegetables.” The firm’s ‘farming-as-a-service’ business model strongly aligns with the SDG charter of the United Nations with food security and job creation, representing the core objectives of Desertfoods’ financial-first impact venture understanding itself as nexus between Food, Energy and Waste on the one hand and People, Planet, Profit on the other. Aiming to drive the agricultural and educational transformation with sub-Saharan Africa as the corporate's current geographic focus, Desertfoods’ commercial-scale and semi-climate protected debut farm is located in Hekpoort, South Africa (north-west of Johannesburg) with an annual production capacity in excess of 120 metric tons of leafy greens and Nile tilapia with the facility having a footprint of less than 1.5 hectare in size. Next to the commercial at scale farming operations, Desertfoods’ next-gen add-on technology is currently being piloted at Hekpoort. The premise for the debut farm was selected based on several factors, including it being one of the most difficult farming areas. Power outages and the latest price escalation of electricity tariffs being a real threat for the agriculture industry. The business model developed by Desertfoods for South Africa will also contribute to the Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE) programme. “We’re trying to empower people to learn and develop, as well as driving the much-needed transformation of agricultural farming systems,” Karsten continues. “Spearheading a paradigm shift in food security and safety through pesticide, antibiotic and microplastic free produce, water-efficient and soil-less farming, handson education, and employment. “In Africa particularly, it's important to have a community system in place which we can install initially and then hand over after a certain period of time to the community.” In fact, Desertfoods together with its local business partner, Integrated Aquaculture (Pty) Ltd., is now keen to onboard a committed investor at South Africa-based FinLeaf Group (Pty) Ltd. This will untap the business potential across the country in the areas of urban farming, training, community systems, and last-mile delivery. Once a facility is in operation, aquaponics farmed plants achieve higher yields while saving up to 95% of water consumption compared to conventional open-field farming practices. Each aquaponics facility can also be operated self-sufficiently by sourcing energy from solar, solar thermal, geothermal, wind, or biomass power plants. In areas with high solar radiation, excess electricity can be made available to neighbouring communities or supplied into the grid. However, despite the impressive solution that Desertfoods has created to address the issues surrounding climate change and its associated obstacles, Karsten explains that a lot of resources have gone into developing the blueprint for the envisaged roll-out and corporate growth strategy across the SADC region and beyond (including overseas countries). “Massive efforts were undertaken to find like-minded people with hands-on farming experience and to implement a centre of excellence mentality both of which are essential as this farming method is still in its early days. We are not limited to promoting aquaponic solutions but also stand-alone land-based recirculating aquaculture. Human capacity remains one of the biggest challenges with us permanently seeking qualified individuals who share our ethos, and also have the passion to go the extra mile by taking ownership.” To help solve this and establish an expert pool of next generation farmers and high-potential young aquaponics growers, Desertfoods is soon to launch its first online course (operated on a learning management system), as part of the firm’s interactive training and study programme initiative. The company’s medium to long-term aim being to offer either a white labelled turn-key solution where it can provide farming as a service, or to establish a business collaboration or a joint venture with local partners by e.g. replicating the legal company structure as implemented in South Africa. As of today, Desertfoods’ technology is already patent protected in a couple of desert tech landscapes with some of the lodged patent applications presently under (advanced) examination by the relevant patent offices. “In essence, what we are trying to achieve is to have multiple farms in the future,” Karsten states, adding that it doesn’t matter where the farms are located as Desertfoods’ claim is to provide customised solutions ensuring viable operations with a strong smart-tech layer (IoT driven data capturing, monitoring and alerting) – something which helps to distinguish it further from competitors with their business model often lacking scalability. Recently, for its outstanding work, education and pioneering technology, the company gained worldwide recognition as it was named Best Climate-Smart Agriculture Company 2022 in the European Enterprise Awards 2022. This accolade is testament to the dedication and commitment of Karsten and his team of around 30 highly skilled individuals at HoldCo and OpCo level who help create, operate and further enhance the firm’s DNA. But what does Karsten envision for the future? “As climate change continues to transform the farming industry, we are committed to continuing to introduce a resilient and modern farming method to lead the agri-revolution, to offer healthy diet, unearth true talent, and drive responsible farming practises in today’s and tomorrow’s most pressing areas with our impact-driven aquaponics systems making the true difference in the Circular Economy, Blue, Green, Ag-Tech and Ed-Tech context.”