8th May 2018

The First Rotating Waterslide

wiegand.maelzer GmbH is the only company worldwide delivering water attractions, both in fibre glass reinforced plastic and in stainless steel. Recently, we profiled the exciting attractions and the innovative team behind them.

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The First Rotating Waterslide

The First Rotating Waterslide

wiegand.maelzer GmbH is the only company worldwide delivering water attractions, both in fibre glass reinforced plastic and in stainless steel. Recently, we profiled the exciting attractions and the innovative team behind them.

Established in 2006, wiegand.maelzer can easily cater for the high demands of its international customers thanks to its unique and enticing attractions. The gifted team behind the attractions boast 40 years of experience in the market, and the company, which upholds the highest safety and quality standards, has been a trusted and reliable partner of diverse customers from the water amusement industry at all times. wiegand. maelzer’s development and most of its production is based in Germany, and to keep the world-famous ‘made in Germany’ quality promise, the attractions undergo a permanent control by experienced engineers. Additionally, the company manufactures each of its products customised and in close cooperation with its customers to guarantee the best possible solution.

With a long-standing vision, wiegand.maelzer aim to produce and deliver the best water products available on the market, looking to constantly create new, revolutionary rides. Recently, the team has introduced its newest invention, the SlideWheel®: a rotating waterslide! This never seen, absolutely unique attraction is a combination of a water ride and a Ferris wheel.

The first SlideWheel® will be put into operation in April 2018 at Chimelong, the world’s most visited waterpark located in the south of China. It is noteworthy that a short introductory video of the SlideWheel® has reached over 100 million views on diverse Internet media channels throughout the world.

In this ever increasing technological world, digitalisation has reached the water slide industry. The firm’s Virtual Reality waterslide is currently in the testing phase and the results are far better than initially expected. Basically, any existing waterslide can be upgraded with this exceptional Virtual Reality feature, something the team at wiegand.maelzer is incredibly proud of. Furthermore, this feature allows even smaller waterparks to offer this truly unparalleled experience to its visitors. The company are very excited to introduce this new technology to the world of water attractions.

Over the last couple of years, the water park industry has gone through plenty of changes. Most customers strive to have bigger, faster and more unique rides than others, propelling the industry to an unprecedented development race. The expectations of customers around the world are very different: while European parks look for long-lasting, high quality but compact products, Asian clients prefer to have big-sized, high-capacity and most novel developments. Cruise ships have joined as key players on the market over the last decade, bringing the challenge of flawless engineering and utmost precision to suppliers. Only the best and most experienced companies can deliver attractions to this demanding market, and wiegand.maelzer is proud to be one of them. As a result, staff are constantly expanding the company’s product range to be able to meet and exceed the high expectations of its customers.

In order to guarantee client satisfaction, it is also vital to understand the cultural specifics in diverse parts of the world. wiegand.maelzer is proud of its international team speaking 14 different languages. All employees are constantly learning from each other, while the broad national variety ensures constant personal development and cultural exchange among the staff.

Location wise, the company is located near the lake of Starnberg, 30 kilometres south of Munich, in a beautiful green garden allowing staff to take a walk along the lakeside during their lunch break. Once a week, the entire team takes lunch together, thus a regular information exchange between the management and the team is provided. During the last five years, wiegand.maelzer has tripled its headcount and is continuously expanding both tis product range and staff. 

Moving forward, wiegand. maelzer’s future vision is to strengthen its role in the waterpark industry and to continue developing the best products for its customers, adhering to the highest quality standards.

Ultimately, the staff at wiegand.maelzer enjoy the challenges they come up against, constantly embracing and overcoming them, and continuously developing new ideas and approaches with the help of its professional team, thus bringing a new breeze into the market.

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