Digital Payment
IPOSUP mobile payments service launches automation of tips direct to hospitality staff bank accounts ahead of the UK Government plans
Man delivering food in paper bags to a home
The French food delivery market is hugely lucrative, worth €180 billion and growing. Food makes up 20% of our manufacturing
Left side shows a petrol pump with a petrol car in the background, and the right side shows an electric charger with an electric car in the background
The Uk petrol and diesel ban could help cut car emissions to 46m tonnes of carbon dioxide by 2030, down
Three men looking at a woman as they wait to be interviewed
It has been well established that a diverse workforce helps contribute to a business’ success – so why are there
Independent Retail
There’s no doubt that the past 18 months have been challenging for all retailers and continue to be. Many well-established
The number of Britons officially registered as living in Portugal shot up by more than 30% between 2019 and 2020,
Lifestyle product retailer MINISO is further strengthening its business foothold in Europe as it has announced the opening of a
Woman in safety vest and hard hat driving a lorry
In addition to filling this critical driver shortage, transport and haulage providers must do better in terms of gender equality.
Skills and labour shortages across the UK’s trade and logistics sectors have been hitting the headlines, most obviously for goods
AI Energy
The World Economic Forum has published a new study on how artificial intelligence (AI) can be used to accelerate a
Digital rendered chains with binary ones and zeros
An emerging British start-up, iov42, has been chosen over corporate giants to leverage blockchain technology to improve standards of cross-border
Plastic Packaging
The UK uses an estimated five million tonnes of plastic every year, nearly half of which is packaging. As the