Supply Chain Uncertainty
The Christmas peak may have been a big mountain to climb, but retailers are increasingly aware that many of the
Switzerland Montreux
Global water purification visionary Bluewater and the Hotel Institute Montreux, one of the world’s leading hospitality management schools, are launching
Sustainable Future
Before COP26, a total of 49 countries plus the EU pledged a net-zero target, covering over half of global domestic
Render from the cockpit of an autonomous car
As we get ready for the latest mobility innovations, we wonder what types of autonomous vehicles we can expect to
Sustainable Future
The term sustainable development was first coined in Our Common Future, also known as the Brundtland Report, published by the
A combination of companies becoming flexible with remote working and almost two years of working from home, more of us
Time lapse blur of cars on a UK motorway
This year, the UK became the first country to allow self-driving cars on motorways at low speed. The country is
Sustainable Workplace
2021 has been a significant year for many reasons, but it has been promising to see that sustainability has remained
Illistrated concept of someone walking up a graph with clouds, lightbulbs, and targets nearby
Upskilling – the evolution of a person’s abilities and career path – has become a buzzword in today’s job ambience.
Net Zero
The Impact Taskforce, the independent, industry-led taskforce supported by the G7 Presidency, has today released its recommendations aimed at financing
Green van on a city street
Online deliveries – is there anything more convenient? You browse through endless options, click on the product that tickles your
City skyline of Copenhagen, Denmark
We can learn a lot from other cultures, from sustainable living to business etiquette. Successful business leaders never stop learning,