Iconic shop George Fisher selects Eurostop’s solution for retail sales and in-store cafe

Iconic shop George Fisher selects Eurostop’s solution for retail sales and in-store cafe

Destination store in Lake District for outdoor enthusiasts and part of Tiso Group, chooses Eurostop systems to enhance instore customer experience

Eurostop has announced that George Fisher, the iconic outdoor clothing and equipment store in Keswick, Lake District, has selected Eurostop’s retail system for its in-store retail operations. The store, part of the Tiso Group, is using Eurostop’s connected retail solution to manage stock and sales for all clothing, footwear and equipment, as well as at tillpoints. Eurostop’s new Café Mode POS will enable customers to pay for store items, food and drinks at the same time in its top floor café, famous for its far-reaching views.

With Eurostop’s solution, George Fisher’s e-commerce, buying and merchandising and live stock and sales reports systems will be connected with the store’s parent company, Tiso Group, which includes Blues Ski.com and Alpine Bikes. The investment will enable George Fisher to provide customers with a wider choice of stock, offer telephone and mail order options and run its own customer promotions and loyalty programmes.

George Fisher is known for its strong customer focus, running instore events with guest speakers, film nights and sports clinics for its wide community of outdoor enthusiasts, which have created a loyal and longstanding customer base.

The Tiso Group will operate one central stock system, with both unique and shared products on a single platform and one customer database. Directors across the Group will have access to the latest stock and sales using Eurostop’s connected systems, giving complete visibility of the business.

Roy Meunier, Program Delivery Manager at Eurostop said; “George Fisher is an iconic destination store for outdoor enthusiasts. It has a longstanding reputation for providing exceptional customer service with its knowledgeable staff and boot fitting and equipment hire. Along with its café and wide range of instore events, it is one of the pioneers of providing a standout customer experience.

“The investment in Eurostop will improve the customer journey through all of the Tiso Group’s sales channels, while ensuring that George Fisher is able to retain its own unique relationship with customers. The store will be able to provide customers with an even better service – offering more choice of stock and ways to buy. With Eurostop Café Mode POS the café, already a popular place to visit, will become even more of a hub for customers to enjoy and return to.”

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