The first “Green TrainCamp” to depart from London

The first “Green TrainCamp” to depart from London

Susie Ambrose a well-known British businesswoman, author and philanthropist, and Vesna Sokolovska founder of Krug non-profit organisation, co-founded Green Culture World Foundation this January. Dedicated to the future of our lovely planet, the two of them created a wonderful and creative concept in order to promote the arts and culture as the biggest influencer and catalyst for change in the society with the purpose of advancing the education of the public on the subject of preserving and protecting our environment.

On the 3rd June 2019 a train named “Green TrainCamp” will leave London in collaboration with the Turn Club based in Amsterdam promoting a cleaner, greener travel and connect the European railways on the way from London to Montenegro for the Green Culture Festival and Conference. The “Green TrainCamp” will go from London – Amsterdam – Brusells – Munich – Vienna – Budapest – Belgrade, and Montenegro.

On the train journey, there will be exciting activities, brainstorming sessions, workshops, and think-tank discussions. The birth of the Green Culture World Foundation will see a whole new community from Europe and all over the world joining this journey. Susie Ambrose states, “We need all of you on board as every thought and idea counts on this crucial journey to preserve what we can at this stage of the only home we all share. Without You adding value and engaging, we cannot reach our common goal as fast – not as we would like – but as we MUST!”

Green Culture World Foundation’s mission is to engage all cultural organizations and individual artists across the board to practice environmental sustainability. As influential innovators in society, they help raise awareness about sustainable ways of living and promote green living standards; inspiring the wider public to do the same. Simultaneously building a global network of like-minded forward thinkers.

For more information visit www.greenculture.world


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