9th April 2018

Best Fire Fighting Pump Manufacturer 2018

Drawing on more than 18 years’ experience in the industry, today Patterson Pump Ireland is recognized worldwide as a manufacturer of pumps for the municipal, industrial, commercial, fire, water, wastewater, off-shore, power, flood control, building-trade, utility and packaged system markets. We invited Managing Director Rod Pelot to provide us with a fascinating insight into the firm and the techniques it employs to achieve the incredible success it enjoys today.

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Best Fire Fighting Pump Manufacturer 2018

Best Fire Fighting Pump Manufacturer 2018

Drawing on more than 18 years’ experience in the industry, today Patterson Pump Ireland is recognized worldwide as a manufacturer of pumps for the municipal, industrial, commercial, fire, water, wastewater, off-shore, power, flood control, building-trade, utility and packaged system markets. We invited Managing Director Rod Pelot to provide us with a fascinating insight into the firm and the techniques it employs to achieve the incredible success it enjoys today.

Since its establishment in 1999, Patterson Pump is recognized as a world leader in the fire-fighting market, supplying quality fire pumps domestically in Ireland and across the UK, the entire European Union, Russia, Turkey, Northern Africa, Bangladesh, the Middle East and the Far East. Supporting clients around the world, Patterson Pump offers its customers a market leading 24 months to 36 months warranty, which sets it apart from its competitors in this vast market. Rod provides us with an overview of the firm’s product offering and how this meets the varied needs of the company’s valued clients.

“At Patterson Pump, our expertise is our knowledge and extensive experience in servicing the internationally recognised FM/UL and NFPA fire-fighting market. As a firm we also satisfy the Polish, the Czech Republic, Russian, Hungarian, Ukrainian, English and Irish markets with
their local rules requirements such as EN12845 and nonlisted markets. Our pumps are manufactured to the highest standards in each of these firefighting markets.

“To offer our clients choice, there are four types of worldclass Patterson pumps that are effective in fire control systems, The Horizontal Split Case, the Vertical Turbine, the Vertical in-line and the End Suction pump. All of these four pumps are manufactured at our Mullingar facility. We service our customers from sales to order entry, to manufacturing and testing, to shipping and on-site commissioning.

“Additionally, our pump sets operate with pressures in excess of 34 Bar and flows up to and exceeding 18,925 LPM. They can either be driven by a diesel engine or an electric motor. Patterson Pumps provides mechanical dependability, efficient operation and minimal maintenance.

Simplicity of design ensures long, efficient unit life, reduced maintenance costs and minimum power consumption. We also offer pumps for booster sets, mobile fire-fighting units and our famous pre-packaged fire pump houses and open skids. Our clients over the years have included Facebook, Glaxo Smith Kline, British Petroleum, Shell Oil, Amazon, Abbott Pharmaceuticals, Nokia, Zanussi, PepsiCo and Coca Cola to name a few. They also include fire sprinkler contractors, high tech engineering companies and consultancy engineering companies throughout our markets.”

A central part of the firm’s solution is its pre-packaged fire pump house. This has become increasingly important to clients as the increasing costs and the time scale to carry out the construction and fitting out of conventional buildings are being seriously challenged by pre-packaged fire pump houses manufactured by fire pump manufacturers.

Therefore, the distinct benefit of the pre-packaged pump house is its single source responsibility
which Patterson fully designs, manufactures and tests within its facility. This ensures all the equipment included in the pump house is fully co-ordinated. Upon arrival at the job site the pump house is ready to be put into service within hours of arrival, offering clients both quality and efficiency.

Quality is central to ensuring excellence for clients, and as such this is built into the firm’s mission statement, as Rod is eager to highlight.

“As part of our client focused approach, the mission statement for Patterson Pump Ireland is straight forward: “Ship a Quality Product on Time at the Lowest Competitive Price.” This statement contains the three pillars of our philosophy of how we conduct our business. We are committed to quality. Everyone is responsible to add quality to their task. It is vitally important we ship our product on time to our customers and we are continuously monitoring costs in order to offer the most competitive product in the Fire Pump Market. Quality, on time delivery, and controlling costs are Patterson Pump’s primary objectives. We have worked hard in these three areas and for us to continue to grow and prosper especially during the recession of 2008 is a testament to the dedication of Patterson Pump’s employees.”

These employees are central to Patterson Pump’s success, and as such Rod explores how they have driven the firm to win this prestigious title.

“Here at Patterson Pump, we share the common goal of employing skilled people such as Mechanical Engineers, Regional Sales Managers, Financial Personnel, Human Resources, Plant Manager, Fabricators, Assemblers, Painters, Test Mechanics, Mounters, a Shipping Department, Warehouse Personnel, and Purchasers. Our employees are diverse and skilled in many areas and our employees are our greatest strength. They bring flexibility, willingness to work together, a unique ability to solve problems and always striving to “Be the Best”.

“Therefore, we view this award as a collective recognition of everyone who is associated with Patterson Pump Ireland. Our employees, local suppliers, the local Chamber of Commerce, the County Council and our Parent Company, Patterson Pump Company U.S.A. based in Toccoa, Georgia all share in this award.”

These staff offer the firm its key differentiator; the personal touch. The firm’s online web submission forms lead to a dedicated person responding to the client. The team then pick up the phone and speak to the customer about a product so that they can get their request right the first time. Rod highlights how the team comes together to provide clients with a high quality service that they can rely on.

“At Patterson Pumps we believe in a personal approach to client service right from the start. A dedicated engineering team constantly supply all our clients with technical drawings, data sheets on diesel engines, electric motors, controllers and other ancillary equipment. We will engineer and produce a bespoke product to the customer’s specifications. Our engineers have the experience to assist on installation requirements and will attend technical meetings anywhere if so required.

“As a company we offer a sales and service network across Europe, the Middle East, Bangladesh and North Africa through a network of representatives for sales, service and after sales. Our customers turn to us because they know we will go the extra step to help them 24/7, 365 days a year.”

As the he looks ahead, Rod is optimistic about the future of Patterson Pump thanks to its recent expansion.

“Since 1998, Patterson Pump has gone through three expansions, as we have worked to ensure that we continue to offer our clients the support and product range that they need. The most recent expansion we have undergone was in 2015, when we relocated to a 4645 sq metres green-field site at the IDA Business & Technology Park in Marlinstown, Mullingar, Ireland. Our new site has spurred Patterson Ireland to expand its fire-fighting product line.

“The expanded product line will allow Patterson Ireland to move into fire markets we have had difficulty penetrating. We are optimistic these walls will come down as we introduce our new product line. Productivity has increased at our new site as has our employment. We are taking steps to diversify into other water markets in addition to the fire market.”

In his final comments, Rod foresees some uncertainty for the Irish corporate landscape of the future thanks to Brexit, but despite this he believes that Patterson Pump will continue to flourish thanks to its flexibility and exceptional quality product offering, as he proudly concludes.

“Looking to the future, Patterson Pump faces challenges in the foreseeable future. Brexit brings the greatest uncertainty for Patterson Pump Ireland and Ireland as a whole. There are so many questions and such a lack of answers that no one really knows what will occur with Brexit. There are two areas of interest for our firm regarding how Brexit might affect us. The first is if there will be a hard border between the Republic and Northern Ireland. The ease of commerce of today moving across borders has allowed companies to expand and grow in both countries. The soft border has quieted the dispute between the factions and this has also contributed to the growth
of business in both countries. With that said, Patterson Pump produces what is considered critical equipment and people and their buildings still need to be protected. As such, we do not see us being shut out of the UK market.

“The second concern for Patterson Pump involves customs borders. Our product is exported from Ireland to Europe but it first goes through the UK before its journey continues to
Europe. Our pump sets have to cross two bodies of water to reach Europe. The possibility exists our product will be hit with custom duties as it passes thru the UK. Obviously, this will be a challenge.

“However, Patterson Ireland feels the free EU market will develop a way to avoid going through the UK altogether. Options exist for Irish product to be moved directly to France let’s say and it will never go through the UK. Never
underestimate the adaptability of the free market as it usually finds a way to be efficient and productive.

“Ultimately, one of our core strengths is its flexibility. We have always adapted to changes in the market and have always been well placed against its competition. Foreign markets change and so to succeed Patterson Pump will adapt to succeed.”


Company: Patterson Pump Ireland Ltd.

Address: Unit 1, Ardmore IDA Business & Technology Park, Marlinstown, Mullingar, Co.Westmeath, Ireland.

Phone: +353.44.9347078

Fax; +353.44.9347896


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