Cabs.com (www.cabs.com), the cab firm aggregator, today launched its new online platform which will make 8000 cab firms, comprising 150,000 cabs across the UK, available to consumers for digital hailing. Uber currently has 50,000 cabs.

For the first time consumers will have access on one platform to the huge independent PHV (Private Hire Vehicles, also known as minicabs) market, estimated at 15,000 cab firms with 250,000 cars, making booking and tracking any cab, anywhere in the UK, much easier and more accessible.

Cabs.com already has 8000 cab firms, with 150,000 cabs, over 50% of the UK market, listed on its website. Customers can already use this to source local cab firms. Cabs.com site generates significant traffic and bookings for its firms. In March 2019 cab firm pages received over 150,000 page views (generated from word of mouth and search engines with no advertising spend).

From today Cabs.com will be offering these companies sophisticated new technological services that will enable them to compete in the ever-growing digital hailing market:
• A state-of-the-art dispatch admin suite covering every aspect of operating a cab firm, from cab allocation and route, to invoicing, to driver and passenger information
• Driver App: again, state-of-the-art technology, working on Android and IOS, and featuring 3D mapping and turn-by-turn navigation, fare meter, customer contact availability, driver profile etc.
• Cabs.com Passenger App provides the digital hailing side of the equation: Android and IOS, live mapping of cab, plus driver and car details, 2-click booking system, cash and card payment options, book now and future journeys, phone driver etc.

The cost of these services is a huge attraction for cab firms and their drivers. To sign up for the sophisticated operating admin suite is as little as 30GBP per month, with significant concomitant financial benefits in terms of additional business and reduced costs. The Driver and Passenger Apps are included. Fare commission is a miserly 10 pence per fare, compared to Uber’s 30%, 3GBP on a 10GBP fare.

William Berry, CEO and founder of Cabs.com, said:
“This is a huge opportunity to bring together all the independent cab companies, and their drivers into one advanced digital hailing service, with great benefits to passengers across the UK in terms of convenience, availability, service and cost. As we grow in the UK we intend to extend the proposition to the US and other English-speaking countries”

The aggregation of independent cab firms has additional consumer benefits:
– Current digital hailing companies are very urban-centric. Cabs.com has coverage throughout the UK, including the most rural of areas, thus providing a valuable digital hailing service where none or little currently exist
– Local cab firms benefit local communities and pay local taxes
– Because the passenger’s contract is with the registered cab company, not the driver (as is the case with Uber) there is a clear pathway for recourse, should it be necessary: incorrect fare-charging, lateness, unacceptable behaviour
– Perhaps, most importantly, is the safety and security aspect. Local authorities require a security check for all cab drivers. Furthermore, a high proportion of cab drivers have undergone disability awareness training and child sexual abuse/awareness training.

Berry added:
“Cabs.com already has 50% of the UK cab companies (8051) listed on our website. We aim to convert 20% of those to our subscription services in the first year.
We believe, as in the early digital hailing era, word of mouth and social media will play a significant role in accelerating our conversion rate as consumers and cab firms quickly understand the benefits to be had by belonging to such a strong, pioneering, NEEDED platform.
We currently have similar listings in the US on our website and foresee extending our services there as we achieve critical mass in the UK”


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