Wildflower Turf Ltd provides a ‘Living Green Roof’ to Leeds Skelton Lake Services

Wildflower Turf Ltd provides a ‘Living Green Roof’ to Leeds Skelton Lake Services

The UK’s most prominent wildflower experts, Wildflower Turf Ltd, will be helping to enhance the biodiversity of the £60M Leeds Skelton Lake Services when the ‘new concept’ Motorway Service Area (MSA) opens on the M1 later this year.

Leeds Skelton Lake Services will include a 100-bedroom Hotel and a Food Court Building providing a wide range of Food & Beverage and ancillary retail outlets, a Wildlife Centre and a dedicated Business Centre.

With the new MSA occupying a lakeside environment, the integration of the Hotel and Food Court Building in a way that is sympathetic to its surroundings has been of the utmost importance. Wildflower Turf Ltd is working closely with the Landscape Architect, Smeeden Foreman, and Wetherby-based Brambledown Landscapes Ltd to deliver an enhanced landscape that fits seamlessly into the local environment.

The innovative design of the main building showcases a unique and eye-catching undulating roof that will utilise wildflowers, supplied by the team at Wildflower Turf Ltd and installed by ABG Ltd.

The ‘Living Roof’ will be soil-less and consist of up to 41 native UK wildflower species that will provide a haven for bees and other invertebrates while delivering significant aesthetic appeal and ensuring that the building blends into its lakeside location.

Managing Director of Wildflower Turf Ltd, James Hewetson-Brown, said, “We are delighted that one of our wildflower roofs will be showcased at Leeds Skelton Lake Services. As awareness of the importance of biodiverse habitats increase, this new concept in MSA shows that the built environment can exist harmoniously with, and indeed give back to, the natural landscape.”

Andrew Long, CEO of Extra MSA said: “Throughout the detailed planning phase of Leeds Skelton Lake Services, we were acutely aware of our responsibility to the site’s natural surroundings. This new MSA will be a truly revolutionary design in the UK, providing critical safety infrastructure for this part of the motorway network, in a sustainable and visually appealing way.”

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