A nation of self-lovers? – A third of Brits admit to taking themselves on a solo date according to research by Krispy Kreme

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Krispy Kreme is encouraging acts of self-love this Valentine’s Day after new research commissioned by the brand revealed 72% of Brits think it’s important to love yourself before you can share that love with anyone else.

The independent study revealed that almost half (48%) of the population believe that Valentine’s Day is not just for romantic love and 6.9million people would rather self-gift than gift someone else on February 14th. So this year, we are encouraging all of our customers to practice what they preach and follow their heart’s desire by gifting themselves with one of our heart-shaped doughnuts – because let’s face it, no one really wants to share their Krispy Kreme doughnut!

Seemingly open to falling in love with themselves and fuelling the self-love movement, a third (33%) of Brits admit to taking themselves on a solo date. While half (50%) of people say their ideal solo date would be a chilled night in to themselves, only one in ten would be open to dining alone at a restaurant. Serial solo-dater, modern mystic and spiritual well-being guide, Giselle La Pompe Moore, believes more people should be a little more self-indulgent and embrace the freedom of a solo dinner date.

She says, “It took me a while to build up the courage to go on solo dates at night, but now I’m all for it. I start the evening by getting dressed up for myself, then head to the cinema, as you don’t have to consult with anyone about what film to go for, plus more popcorn for me. Then I’ll go out for dinner, I’ll ask to sit at a table (not at the bar). At first, I’d usually take a book or be attached to my phone (which is totally fine), but I now really enjoy just being in the room and being present.”

Those who have solo-dated agreed that it had a positive effect on them, making them feel relaxed (39%), independent (31%), peaceful (30%) and empowered (16%). Giselle had a similar experience explaining, “solo dates completely shifted my confidence and of self-worth.” She encourages many of her clients to try it and believes, “it promotes a sense of self-acceptance and independence that’s so important whether you’re single or have a partner.”

But if the prospect of dining alone in a restaurant is a little daunting, why not join the almost 5 million Brits whose ideal solo date is indulging in a sweet treat for one this Valentine’s Day, as Krispy Kreme turns its entire signature doughnut range into ‘Hugs & Hearts’. Whether you prefer an Original Glazed ring ‘hug’ or a classic raspberry filled ‘heart’, Krispy Kreme hopes you find your perfect match in doughnut form (exclusively on Galentine’s and Valentine’s Day 13th & 14th of February) so that you can settle down on a solo doughnut-dining date.

From 3rd February you can also follow your destiny into store to find one of three Limited Edition flavours. The perfect pairings include the much loved Chocolate and Hazelnut Nutty Chocolatta Heart, Dark Chocolate Mint Heart and White Chocolate Berry Heart. Plus, you can enjoy buy one get one complimentary on single Valentine’s doughnuts on 5th February – for you to share with a loved one, or not!

And if you still have love left to give after you’ve treated yourself this Valentine’s Day, why not share a hug or heart with someone special by choosing your own heart filled dozen.

Visit a Krispy Kreme store or purchase your doughnuts online through: Click and Collect: www.krispykreme.co.uk/click-and-collect-doughnuts

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