19th February 2024

PR Specialists of the Year – Austria

Established in 2010, Krumpel GmbH is a PR agency that specialises in the areas of ESG communications, crisis communications, litigation PR, employer branding, PR management, political communications, personal branding, and positioning.

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PR Specialists of the Year – Austria
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Established in 2010, Krumpel GmbH is a PR agency that specialises in the areas of ESG communications, crisis communications, litigation PR, employer branding, PR management, political communications, personal branding, and positioning. For its outstanding services, the agency has recently been recognised in the European Enterprise Awards 2023. In the wake of this achievement, we explore Krumpel’s work and its commitment to the clients it serves.

Above all, communication is about being understood. This is especially important when you need your message to be efficiently received by its target audience. Whilst they may not share your views, it is essential for your most relevant conversation partners to receive the message and be able to understand your values.

This is where Krumpel GmbH comes in, offering a range of precise communication tools. In 2010, the agency was established by Bernhard Krumpel, a seasoned professional with a rich background in public relations and communications. Since then, the agency has focused on stakeholder communications in the political, media, and business environments, providing its clients with strategic advice at the intersection of these three areas. Krumpel thrives on tackling complex tasks, meaning it is particularly skilled when it comes to crisis communication, litigation PR, and strategic consulting.

In everything it does, Krumpel puts the customer first, aiming to ensure that they are always satisfied with the service they have received. To accomplish this, the agency strives to facilitate respectful cooperation between all parties in every project it works on. Furthermore, Krumpel values confidentiality, always working to protect clients’ privacy. It does not see the value in bragging about the big-name companies it works with, instead focusing on achieving its goals and delivering the best results.

Operating in a competitive field, Krumpel sets itself apart through the outstanding knowledge and experience of its team. The agency understands that it must work to stay on top of all relevant industry developments in order to remain ahead of its competitors, who also have a lot to offer. For this reason, it continuously strives to enhance its offerings in line with the evolving landscape of PR and communications.

For example, Krumpel recognises that, due to technological advancement, social media is becoming more and more important. This means that its clients are likely to want to focus on strengthening their online presence rather than advertising in printed media. Additionally, more clients are choosing to focus on employer branding, not only to find the right people to hire but also to keep their current staff. This means that internal communications are increasing in significance.

Thanks to its unrelenting commitment to keeping up with the times, Krumpel continues to stand head and shoulders above the rest, with its clients frequently praising its readiness, confidentiality, and holistic thinking. Ultimately, due to the unparalleled quality of its work, the agency is proud to obtain new clients exclusively through recommendations from former or existing clients.

As an Austria-based agency, Krumpel is proud to be a European business. Due to its location, the company not only benefits from Europe’s stable social framework and functioning legal system but also from its country’s central orientation. This means that it is able to serve a wide variety of global markets, receiving enquiries from clients based both in Europe and across the world.

For its continued excellence in all areas, Krumpel has been awarded the title of PR Specialists of the Year, Austria, in the European Enterprise Awards 2023. In the coming months, the agency will be working on a complex project that involves providing strategic support for an election campaign. Whilst this project will undoubtedly be challenging, there is no doubt that Krumpel is up for the task.

We are pleased to congratulate Bernhard on Krumpel GmbH’s success in this awards programme and wish him the best of luck in all his endeavours.

For business enquiries, contact Bernhard Krumpel from Krumpel GmbH on their website –

Bernhard Krumpel

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