Person shopping online with a laptop How Shoppers’ Habits Have Changed As time goes on, the way things are conducted changes. Whether In this article, we’ll look at the different shopping habits consumers have experienced over the years. Green Energy Business Harnessing the Influence of Business to Fight Climate Change After various lockdowns and the return to normality, small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) need to play their part in helping the UK achieve net-zero emissions. Chef finishing food in a kitchen Why Changing Perceptions Mean Now Is the Time to Launch a British Hospitality Business Following what’s been a particularly challenging year, a welcome boost to hospitality operators across the UK is expected, from hotels and B&Bs right through to local cafes, pubs, and restaurants. People ordering food from a van The Growth of the British Street Food Van Here, Ford van leasing company Van Ninja has put together an in-depth guide on starting a street food business from start to finish. Warehouse Worker Making Warehouses More Productive and Fairer For a nation that for decades has worried about unacceptable rates of unemployment, the idea that large areas of industry and commerce are experiencing serious labour shortages is something of a surprise. Business Finance How to Improve Your Business Financial Processes for 2022? Well-oiled financial processes are the crux of any business. Unfortunately, with the onset of remote work, traditional financial processes seem to have taken a massive hit. This makes it difficult for Finance teams to work as they did in...

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EU Business News Q3 2021

It’s a stark difference to this time in 2020, when the region was defined- largely – by uncertainty and the feeling of forever being on the back foot, reacting to change as it arrived on the threshold. While there are sure to be more unexpected twists and turns on the horizon, we have all learned and honed a useful skill to have: adaptability.

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