15th August 2017

German business award FAQ

German business award FAQ

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German business award FAQ

How was my nomination received?

Your nomination has been received in the voting drive during which we invited the readers of EU Business News (100,000) to take part and cast a vote.

Who has voted for me?

All of our voting is conducted anonymously, we find that this guarantees the very best in terms of response rates. We do not know exactly who voted for you, but if it is not a self-nomination it is most likely that a client or partner that work with has decided to put you forward for this award.

Why do I need to accept my nomination?

As our voting form is open to the public, we do receive a few nominations for companies who no longer exist or individuals who are no longer with the firm.

Do I need to pay anything?

As with all the EU Business News Awards, there are no mandatory costs in accepting or even if you go on to win. We provide free celebration items for all our winners. However, if you would prefer to opt out, then please advise and I will remove you from the list.

How are the winners celebrated?

Each winner will receive a press release and a profile on the website listing completely free of charge. Furthermore, each winner is invited to appear in our annual German Business Awards winners magazine, which we distribute to over 100,000 European C-Level Executives and further host on our website ( for the following 12 months.

What next? 

If you decide to move forward, your name/firm will get added to the shortlist and you will have the opportunity to provide us with supplementary information using our tailor-made questionnaire.

Once the deadline for supporting this information passes, our award research team began the process of conducting their own investigations into the nomination and the firm, gathering information from various sources to create a case-file. This, together with any votes and supporting documentation gets combined and reviewed to determine the winners.

We then enter into what we refer to as an ‘embargo period’, whereby winners are notified but are asked not to make the information public. We use this time to coordinate the necessary details and to design and produce the items of interest.

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