16th May 2017

UK Cider only has to have 35% apples in it?

100% apple, new premium French cider brand 6Somewhere launches in almost 500 Tesco stores

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UK Cider only has to have 35% apples in it?

100% apple, new premium French cider brand 6Somewhere launches in almost 500 Tesco stores.

 – No added sugar, flavourings or colourings, gluten-free and made from 100% apples
 – The brand is aimed at all those who are interested in health and what they put in their body, whilst      focusing on quality and sharing good times – it’s always 6 Somewhere, don’t forget!
 – French cider brand 6Somewhere plans to raise awareness of alcopops masquerading as cider

Nothing but apples and craft

We are working with the Huet family and the Dupont family. These two cideries have been crafting their cider for more than 125 years and have created three delicious gluten-free ciders for the UK market, made from 100% apples and nothing else.

There’s an awful lot of chat about ‘craft’ going on at the moment, especially in beer. However, no-one’s really doing anything different in cider. So, if you think that using only the finest quality produce, utilising years of experience and expertise, and then calling your mate who has a bottling plant on the back of his lorry to bottle your product is ‘craft’ – then you’d love our Premier Cru from the Dupont family.

Why not pair meals with cider?

The sweet cider is a perfect aperitif on a hot summer’s day, and an attractive alternative to fizzy wines for those who want to reduce their alcohol intake.

The semi-dry cider goes really well with pork (sausages, ribs and chops) and also chicken, so is a well-matched accompaniment to a BBQ with family or friends.

51% of consumers surveyed by Lightspeed/Mintel stated that apple was their favourite flavour of cider – so what a pity so few of them currently contain much of it! According to a recent survey conducted by Canvas 8 for Heineken ‘Taste (41%) and quality (32%) are the priorities when choosing an alcoholic drink’.

“These new lines give customers a taste of a traditional Normandie Cidre at a great price” said Rosie Goodson, Tesco Buying Manager, “The two different ciders means that customers can try a variation of styles within the growing cider range, giving them an opportunity to explore and discover new flavours”.

Both the semi-dry and sweet 6Somewhere variations (75cl bottles) will be on promotion at Tesco for £5.00 (normal RRP £7.00) from this Wednesday (16th May) for 3 weeks.

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