46% of People Choose Minimalism as the Top Trend for Summer 2019

46% of People Choose Minimalism as the Top Trend for Summer 2019

In a recent Furniture Choice survey of adults in Great Britain[1], minimalism emerged as this summer’s favourite interior trend, beating out other decorating styles like maximalism, jungle and tropical.

Rebecca Snowden, Interior Style Advisor at Furniture Choice,
shares 3 tips to achieve the minimalist trend at home.

1. Keep surfaces clean and clutter-free

Based on the philosophy that less is more, minimalism is an intentional mode of living centred around simplicity. When aiming for this look at home, focus on clean lines and clutter-free spaces.

“Start by decluttering ruthlessly – eliminate anything that’s unnecessary and store belongings out of sight,” says Rebecca. “In the living area where multiple activities take place regularly, make it a habit to clear surfaces daily. Keep a sofa feeling cosy with a couple of cushions and tidy up the coffee table for a clean look that feels relaxing at the same time.”

“Keep wall décor to a minimum and opt for pieces that are simple and streamlined. A few pieces of framed artwork can add personality to the room and make it feel lived-in while staying on-trend.”

2. Stick to a neutral colour base

At the heart of minimalist styling is a neutral colour palette – subtle hues of white, grey, taupe and similar earth tones are calming and make a space feel fresh and clean.

“The easiest way to add style to a minimalist home is to choose essential furniture pieces that contrast beautifully while keeping within the neutral colour spectrum. A white table with a sleek chrome finish lends a striking, modern touch and blends seamlessly into the overall look.” She adds, “If tight on space, get a round table with a pedestal base. Otherwise, larger spaces can opt for an extending table that’s practical and space-saving. Elevate the look with chrome-legged dining chairs that play up clean lines with a high back.”

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Make a minimalist home come to life with indoor plants. “Greenery is often what turns a house into a home and when it comes to this trend, plants can add warmth like no other. Keep it simple with a couple of potted greens or hang some air varieties that function as air-purifiers, as a bonus.”

3. Furnish and decorate with simple, clean silhouettes

Focus on decorative pieces that are purposeful like a knitted throw for dipping temperatures or a minimal lamp for reading, true to the minimalist philosophy. As for centrepieces, a cushy sofa with a clean silhouette oozes comfort and makes a space feel inviting.

“Minimalist living is perfect for those who revel in clutter-free environments and enjoy interior design with a purpose. Display 1 or 2 treasured items instead of multiple small objects, and always pick pieces intentionally,” says Rebecca. “Rugs are a good one – luxurious yet unfussy, and they double up to section off areas for different functions, while photos bring a sense of homeliness.” She adds, “Being a minimalist doesn’t mean stripping all personality away, it simply means that what does get displayed is thoughtfully curated and means a lot.”


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