25th February 2020

EU Business News Q1 2020

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EU Business News Q1 2020

Welcome to the Q1 edition of EU Business News. As always, we are a quarterly publication designed to showcase the latest updates and insights from across the European Union. I hope you’ve had a wonderful start to the new year.

Despite significant upheaval over the last few months – and with all signs pointing to it continuing on for the foreseeable future – European business continues on. Continues to innovate and break boundaries. Continues to move forward. Companies all over the union are striving to be better, to grow and expand, and help keep everything else ticking along. After all, it is often in the most challenging of situations that true brilliance emerges and shines bright.

We’ve spotlighted a few companies that have tackled every challenge as if they were an opportunity to learn and thrive. That quality differentiates companies and seeks to mark business managers as leaders. Here are just a few of those leaders.

Meanwhile, the team here at EU Business sincerely hope that you enjoy reading this insightful issue. Finally, please do get in touch if you have any thoughts. It is always a delight and an honour to hear from our readers.

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