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IssuesMay 8, 2024Q2 2024

As we find ourselves immersed within the season of spring, and also the second quarter of the year, we at EU Business News are delighted to be keeping our fingers on the pulse of this vibrant and rapidly changing business landscape.

IssuesFebruary 5, 2024Q1 2024

As we delve into our first issue of 2024, we hope that businesses across the continent have had a prosperous start to the new year. As always, we are delighted to be bringing you some inspiration in the form of the very best that European business has to offer, celebrating the achievements of those who not only excel in their respective fields but also continue to set new standards for innovation.

IssuesNovember 8, 2023Q4 2023

Our outstanding award-winning businesses featured in this issue are the experts, and they are thriving, whether delivering beautiful, fresh wedding flower arrangements; providing the magical destination for an unforgettable Icelandic escape; offering a sensational range of global travel experiences; encouraging individuals to look after themselves and the planet by travelling by bicycle; and more.

IssuesAugust 9, 2023Q3 2023

But despite the challenging circumstances, European businesses are defying the odds with their resilience and hard work. Over 99% of these are SMEs (small to medium enterprises) and they are the backbone of the European economy, with their contributions towards job creation, innovation, and economic growth being truly invaluable.

IssuesMay 25, 2023Q2 2023

Our award-winning businesses are dedicated to innovation, growth, and providing only the best products and services to their customers – no matter what. In this issue, we showcase businesses operating in procurement management, laboratory chemicals, roofing repair, and sustainable electricity, each of whom have worked so hard to get to where they are today and who are highly deserving of recognition.

IssuesFebruary 9, 2023Q1 2023

We have settled into 2023 and are now inching into February, with spring starting to appear on the horizon – the season for new beginnings and hope. The ‘new year, new me’ phase may have ended for many, but those in the world of business know exciting opportunities will keep coming, just as surely as the evenings will get lighter, the daffodils will bloom, and the temperatures will grow warmer.

IssuesNovember 11, 2022Q4 2022

As we find ourselves in the final quarter of 2022, many companies are ending the year on a high and thriving within their industries. Some of these companies have been in the business for a long time, many have defied the odds by surviving the pandemic, and some are new to the scene and making their business dreams come true.

IssuesAugust 9, 2022Q3 2022

After another successful quarter, many companies are standing strong within their industries. Some of these businesses may have started during the pandemic and some have been working for years – but all of them have managed to weather the storm amongst their competitors. Despite all the odds, these entities have not only withstood the harsh realities of their marketplaces, but they have expanded and built upon their past endeavours.

IssuesMay 13, 2022Q2 2022

The business world may seem more unpredictable now than ever, with post-covid certainly having an impact. But we are moving from what has been extreme unpredictability to a time of constant dynamic change, in what is still a very uncertain business environment. Businesses have had no choice but to digitise in order to stay relevant or even ahead of the game – and many of us are seeking digital solutions in order to improve our lives and our businesses.

IssuesFebruary 8, 2022Q1 2022

As the door to 2022 swings open, businesses from every industry are putting their plans into motion for this coming year. They look to make the most out of 2022 and are doing everything they can to re-build themselves after a tumultuous couple of years.

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IssuesDecember 10, 2021EU Business News Q4 2021

The past couple of years have been very tough on all of us. From families to friends and businesses everywhere, everyone has felt the weight of the world on their shoulders. Throughout all the challenges and difficulties of the past year, there are plenty of businesses that have managed to flourish despite the uncertainty and instability of the global pandemic.

EU Business News Q3 2021READ MORE
IssuesAugust 24, 2021EU Business News Q3 2021

It’s a stark difference to this time in 2020, when the region was defined- largely – by uncertainty and the feeling of forever being on the back foot, reacting to change as it arrived on the threshold. While there are sure to be more unexpected twists and turns on the horizon, we have all learned and honed a useful skill to have: adaptability.


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