10th February 2023

Life’s A Lottery

For the charities sector, there’s little more powerful than a grant from one of the many lotteries running around the world.

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Life’s A Lottery

For the charities sector, there’s little more powerful than a grant from one of the many lotteries running around the world. Using money raised by ordinary people, these funds allow them to operate freely to make a difference with no expectations. Destiny Lottery is one of the latest names on the scene, but have already made an enormous difference to people around the world. We explore how they’ve made their mark.

The idea of donating to charity can be one which people don’t necessarily love. While most know that it is a good thing, and often the right thing, it can be a challenge to find a place where you feel comfortable making that decision. Buying a lottery ticket is one of the ways in which people can feel satisfied with their choice, as they have a chance of getting something back in return as well!

Destiny Lottery was designed with this in mind, with the primary intent to create ways of giving something back. Destiny Saint Jackson has been the brainchild behind the operation, and used to donate 2.5% of her salary to charities. The feel of fulfilment, of having given something to others without conditions or expectations of instant return, were wonderful. Through Destiny Lottery, Destiny has been able to help out many wonderful charities, despite people often being more interested in getting money than they are in giving it.

Some of the offerings from the Destiny Lottery team over the years have included cash prizes, deeds to property and land, as well as cars. These rewards have transformed the lives of so many people for the better.

The positive impact of buying a ticket means that more people are encouraged to do it. It’s clear that Destiny Lottery is not just a win-or-lose situation but one where even if you don’t win the jackpot, you have still made an immensely positive impact on society. This is why it has been able to reach beyond its humble beginnings in Nigeria and expand into Europe so effectively.

As a lottery, it’s clear that the aim of Destiny Lottery is not purely profit-driven. In fact, the primary objective has always been to make giving to charities exciting. In the past, Destiny Lottery has given to luminous organisations such as Greenpeace and Save the Children, alongside the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation. These are charities which have enormous costs, and even the smallest gesture can have the biggest impact.

This latter has been much of the focus of the team over the last few months. The climate crisis is one which will have an enormous impact on all of us and the team at Destiny Lottery know that their donations could make an enormous difference in the right hands. Over the years, numerous people have been able to benefit from the team’s amazing work, often those who need support the most in society. The grants and donations from the team might not necessarily be the largest, but they are always well placed in order to make the maximum possible impact.

Over time, the impact of Destiny Lottery has helped to provide much needed care and relief in difficult times. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the effect of these carefully chosen donations was extraordinary on the public at large. At the end of the day, Destiny Lottery was created to have a positive effect on people, both those who bought tickets and those who benefitted from charitable donations. As the lottery continues to expand, it will be possible to share this success with even more people.

This expansion, of course, begins with Europe, an international hub when it comes to reducing the carbon footprint. This region of the world has long been committed to putting united action into place to have a real impact on the ways in which we live. From their headquarters in Amsterdam, the Destiny Lottery team have easy access to the entire EU, giving them the ability to spread their reach and influence significantly.

The growth of Destiny lottery, despite the challenges of the economic situation for many, has been a credit to the team’s commitment to their core values. A comprehensive advertising campaign has gone a long way to defining the way in which the team is seen. Destiny Lottery is not just a charity organisation and it’s not just a way of hoping that participants will get rich. It’s something fun to do that makes a difference. Communicating the fun and joy of taking part in this is the real secret behind the team’s success, and they do so in a way which is colourful and intriguing in equal measure.

The sense of fun has proven to be core to the success of Destiny Lottery, with the team working tirelessly to ensure that this noble endeavour is never perceived as dull or staid. Thanks to the amazing efforts of the team, this is certainly not likely to be the case. Having made their name in Nigeria, we can’t wait to see what impact they make on the European market!

For business enquiries, contact Destiny Saint Jackson from Destiny Lottery via email – [email protected]

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