13th March 2023

Swiss Cuban Cigars Reviews the Price Increase for 2023

Swiss Cuban Cigars reviews the price increases for 2023 announced by Habanos SA including which brands are affected, how much prices will change and how different regions will implement the changes. 

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Swiss Cuban Cigars Reviews the Price Increase for 2023

Swiss Cuban Cigars reviews the price increases for 2023 announced by Habanos SA including which brands are affected, how much prices will change and how different regions will implement the changes. 

In 2022, Habanos SA changed the price of Cuban cigars for distributors around the world.

This was part of a new global pricing standard from the Cuban cigar manufacturers, which was announced following the company’s 2021 financial year report.

Raising the price of Cuban cigars online

At the end of 2021, Habanos SA announced revenue worth $568 million, which at the time
represented a 15% increase on the revenue from 2020.

By passing $500 million for worldwide sales of Cuban cigars was an all time record.

Where do Cuban cigars sell the best?

Despite the pandemic impacting the supply chains of its best-sellers, Habanos SA consistently improved supply lines throughout 2022.

It was then that the company announced its intention to homogenise its prices in order to meet the demands of the sector.

This involved setting prices globally using Hong Kong as the reference. Given that local taxes mean that Hong Kong is one of the most expensive regions in the world to buy cigars, prices increased across a number of markets.

Swiss Cuban Cigars warns to watch out for fake Cuban cigars

This 2022 price change impacted a number of different brands within the Cuban cigars market, such as Partagas louisitanas, Romeo y julieta and Montecristo.

Cigar lovers, therefore, may have noticed a jump in prices for the best Cuban cigars, potentially opening the market up for yet more fake Cuban cigars.

Swiss Cuban Cigars prides itself in delivering in depth knowledge, quality products whether for special occasions or a wedding gift. Along with this is the experienced customer service team that is able to tell customers about all the cigars on sale and how to avoid counterfeit Cuban cigars.

All Swiss Cuban Cigars purchases are guaranteed to be in their original sealed box, which means great customer service and authentic Cuban cigars only for people buying Cuban cigars online.

Redefining luxury Cuban cigars

Last year’s price rises by Habanos SA is part of a push by the firm to “redefine the concept of luxury in the premium cigars sector”.

The company was also able to hold its first in person event in more than two years in 2022. This was following the cancellation of the annual festival in 2020 and 2021 due to COVID-19 and ensuing restrictions.

This new global pricing standard resulted in sellers such as Swiss Cuban Cigars increasing the price of some of the most popular brands.

However, buying authentic Cubans online from Swiss Cuban Cigars is also a way to ensure that the product is not only very high quality but also never consists of counterfeit cigars.

Distributors must implement price changes

Some brands have increased in price moderately, while others have more than doubled their cost – something that has obviously been of concern to those who are regularly buying cigars.

The official Habanos company has now started 2023 with another price rise. The company informed distributors around the world that another price rise would be in effect from 1 January 2023.

This means Cuban cigar brands will increase in price again, although as yet there are few details of exactly which brands will be impacted and how this will effect global sales.

Which brands will change in price?

Distributors and sellers of brands like Romeo y Julieta must now decide how to implement these price rises and how it will impact customers. In other words, the prices that will be set are yet to be seen.

According to, while Habanos has been asked about price changes for exact boxes and brands, there are no specific details yet. However, the company has said that the Cohiba Behike line of cigars will go up by around 50%.

Larger Cohbia vitolas will increase by up to 15%, with medium by 5% and smaller Cohibas by 3%.

Price changes vary market by market

Well loved authentic products such as the Romeo y Julieta brand, which includes the extremely popular Linea de Oro line, will increase in price by 10%. Other global brands from the company will also go up 10%, including Hoyo de Monterrey, H. Upmann, Partagas and Montecristo. The Montecristo Linea 1935 line will only go up by 5%, however.

Other brands that will go up by 10% include Quai d’Orsay, Ramon Allones, Punch and Bolivar.

Trinidad, which is the brand of Cuban cigar that was most impacted by last year’s price increases, has only gone up by 3% as part of the 2023 price increases. Other cigar brands will go up by 5%.

The prices for customers, however, will vary between different markets. For example, some countries must register their price lists with their Government. This needs to be published before the changes are made by sellers and other websites and therefore before they reach the customer.

When will prices go up?

As for exactly when each region will implement the price increases, this depends on a number of factors.

The Benelux distributor is called Laguito 1492, a representative from which told that the cigar price changes will start from 1 April 2023. The Italian representative from Diadema SPA said that no decision had yet been made on exactly when and how the price changes of each cigar brand will come into effect.

5th Avenue Products Trading GmbH, on the other hand, which is the German distributor, has already informed customers that prices have risen as from 1 January 2023.

In Germany, the average price rise is 5.8% and the German distributor says that these price changes will bring “important products in line with the average prices of other EU countries.”

The firm went on to explain that robusto vitolas will be increasing in price at lower rates. Furthermore, they said that there would be no price increases on what they call ‘super premium cigars’, such as Cohiba, Montecristo Line 1925, Trinidad and Romeo y Julieta Linea de Oro. The lowest level brands of cigar will also stay the same in price, including Vegueros, Quintero and JL Piedra.

Why are changes being made to Cuban cigar prices

If you’re wondering why these price increases from Habanos and why they are happening now, the company explains that it’s a lot to do with repositioning the Cuban cigar market on par with other luxury goods, such as watches and handbags.

Below is a list if companies that have announced whether price rises will impact their ranges in 2023. This list is subject to change as regions announce changes , that are dependent on their own tobacco taxes and various considerations.

Companies that will increase prices in 2023

  • Bocock Brothers
  • EP Carillo
  • Habanos SA
  • JC Newman
  • Oscar Valladares Tobbaco & Co
  • Perdomo
  • Rocky Patel
  • Rojas Cigars

Companies that will not increase prices

  • Battleground
  • D’Crossier
  • Epic
  • Fable
  • Favilli
  • Ferio Tego
  • Foundation Cigar Co
  • Garo
  • Howard G Cigars
  • Illusione
  • Karen Berger
  • La Flor Dominicana
  • La Sirena
  • Lotus/Vertigo
  • My Father Cigars
  • Oveja Negra Brands
  • PDR Cigars
  • Platinum Nova
  • Quality Importers Trading Co
  • Southern Draw

Only buy authentic Cuban cigars

These price changes will obviously impact cigar aficionados and, of course, make it even more important for buyers to ensure they’re not being fobbed off with fake cigars.

Excellent services from Swiss Cuban Cigars guarantee that, whether customers are looking for limited editions or a thousand boxes of their favourite, they sell the largest selection of the best Cuban cigars.

Of course, Swiss Cuban Cigars, which is based in Gran Canaria, isn’t the only place to get quality products for a special occasion, but they do sell the biggest range of bona fide cigars from Cuba at a great price.

Find out about the seller before you buy

Customers who are new to the market find that lots of outlets are selling fake Cuban cigars. The black market for Cubans is huge, and it’s always worth checking out exactly what the company sells before making a purchase.

The official state seal is the only way to tell whether a product is truly high quality and authentic. For those making their first purchase of Cubans, the green seal should be the first thing to check to ensure that the cigar or cigars are the real thing.

Buying from Swiss Cuban Cigars is the simplest way to avoid fakes, as the Swiss Cuban team not only offers great service but an automatic guarantee. There are also the added securities of secure payments, easy and secure payments and fast worldwide shipping. They also have the largest selection of full flavoured cigars on offer online.

Customers write reviews about smoking experience

Great cigars are subjective to an extent, which is something else the customer service team includes in its great service – descriptions and reviews of different brands and cigars.

Positive reviews of a cigar can also help customers to make up their minds, and these are also included on the Swiss Cuban website. One of the best ways of finding out what a cigar is like to smoke is to read another person’s smoking experience and description of its flavour profile.

And as for price increases, the team at Swiss Cuban guarantee that the best possible prices for the highest quality products are on offer – along with fast shipping and excellent service.

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