Top 3 Ukrainian PEOs and EOR

The nation of Ukraine is a stunning nation with a plethora of business-friendly opportunities. Companies with worldwide development aspirations to the Ukrainian market, on the other hand, must carefully plan their expansion to comply with labor regulations and other legal requirements. Organizations that fail to follow the specified norms and standards during growth risk a variety of fines that will harm the company’s reputation. As a result, international firms doing business in Ukraine, as well as those looking to expand globally, must be prepared to take advantage of the benefits that global PEOs and their employer of record solutions provide. By working with these organizations, you are transferring part of your HR duties (such as payroll tax management, talent sourcing and onboarding, HR compliance, etc) to them while you have the luxury of time to grow and develop the company.


What do you need to know about Ukraine?

Ukraine is a fertile land for businesses around the world. It is the second-largest country by landmass in Europe with an area of over 600,000 km². It is populated with about 42 million residents making the country the 8th most populous country in Europe. Ukraine is known as one of the top exporters of grains in the world which gave them the title of being referred to as the “breadbasket of Europe”. Talking about innovation, the country is known to be the major producer of the transportation systems used in Ukraine and some other European nations. The country is ranked 24th when considering the best outsourcing areas in the world. It is said to be among the best countries to provide offshore services in Africa, Europe and the Middle East. Ukraine has the most C++ and Unity3D developers in the world, and ranked 2nd among JavaScript, Scala, and Magento developers. 78% of Ukrainian tech employees say they can communicate in English at an intermediate or advanced level. Furthermore, Ukraine greatly favors its workforce with excellent benefits and protection for workers.


Why are PEOs needed in Ukraine?

The process of obtaining permits and establishing enterprises while simultaneously trying to maintain legal and HR compliance may be onerous and time-consuming for international firms intending to launch operations in Ukraine. For your business, the global PEO in Ukraine can make these procedures simple and secure. They do so by handling all aspects of hiring, payroll tax, compliance, risk mitigation, and onboarding in your company from start to finish, freeing up time and resources for your company to focus on its core functions. PEOs may also aid with the acquisition of office spaces, employee contracts, and terms of service management, among other things, according to your organization’s specific needs.


Guide to selecting PEOs in Ukraine

  1. The PEO must be a global PEO with excellent employer of record (EOR) solutions
  2. It must be a recognized and accredited organization authorized by the Ukrainian government
  3. A full-scale research must be conducted on the SWOT(Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, and Threat) of the organization. 
  4. Further research on their present and past clients, the relationship they had together, why they selected that PEO, how the organization has helped their businesses, etc.
  5. Make a diligent study on the cost analysis and affordability of the available options
  6. Access your organizational needs to know where the PEO can come in. 
  7. Review the available PEOs track record in risk mitigation, expertise in compliance, etc
  8. Be sure that your relationship with the PEO will be mutual and not parasitic. 
  9. Check out the PEO’s HR services, professional technology, and legal and financial offerings to know if they are up to the task.
  10. Ask for recommendations from businesses in and outside Ukraine.


Top 3 PEOs in Ukraine

Now that you know what PEOs are all about, their roles, the perks they bring to the organization, and how you can go about selecting the best for your company, you must be provided with the top recruitment and employment organizations in Ukraine.

  • Wehireglobally

Wehireglobally is an international employer of record company with excellent PEO services in handling several human resources responsibilities like talent acquisition, onboarding, and retention, local payroll and benefits administration, taxation management, contract termination, etc. WeHG has an excellent track record in ensuring 100% risk mitigation and HR compliance with all available legal and financial obligations. This organization is your ultimate key to international expansion in 150+ countries where they have a global network and home-based professional. In Ukraine, they provide you with a comprehensive range of business services, from contract preparation in the Ukrainian and English languages to talent onboarding, payroll tax administration, etc. WeHG takes on and absorbs all human resources responsibilities, to ensure a simple and uncomplicated strategy for international organizations interested in the Ukrainian market.

  • Move Up Recruitment Agency

Another organization with excellent recruitment and employment services in Ukraine is the Move Up recruitment agency. This is an agency that ensures that within 30 working days, they unite companies across the globe with the top Ukraine talents in almost all the available industries. Move Up ensures that their primary duty is to thoroughly examine the company’s goal, after which they search for ideal matches and excellent expertise for the company. The recruitment agency pays due attention to their league of talents to know who they are, their goals, and their ideal job. Move Up also provide educational services to the candidates as they explain the tale of the your organization to the talents during the onboarding stage.

  • Professional Staffing Recruitment 

This is an international IT staffing firm with a solid foundation in Ukraine. They effectively work with businesses in Ukraine and other parts of the world to fill up positions for your company. They have 150+ clients across the globe among which are Samsung, the European Commission, etc. PSR breaks down location barriers and limitations you are prone to face during the recruitment process by assisting you in searching for highly qualified talents within the local boundary of Ukraine.

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