10th February 2023

9 Innovative Ways Businesses Use QR Codes To Raise Their Profile

Businesses across the globe are utilizing QR codes to make their lives and customers’ lives easier. QR codes can perform many tasks and services that can be invaluable for businesses and their customers.

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9 Innovative Ways Businesses Use QR Codes To Raise Their Profile

Businesses across the globe are utilizing QR codes to make their lives and customers’ lives easier. QR codes can perform many tasks and services that can be invaluable for businesses and their customers. In the age of technology, no business can afford to let anything as universally useable and convenient pass them by.

For business owners sceptical of the benefits of QR codes, the sheer versatility of the codes can come as a surprise. Business owners should do careful research to find out how QR codes can be used in their businesses and get customer feedback to see how popular they are.

Linking Customers To A Business Website

Almost all businesses nowadays have a website, and it is crucial that the website be easily findable for customers. A QR code is a handy way for companies to ensure that customers find their website easily and quickly. Most smartphones come with an in-built QR scanning mode, so businesses should find ways to get their QR code and, as a result, their website out there. There is this excellent QR code generator from Adobe which allows businesses to start creating and distributing their QR codes.

Sending Out Coupons And Offers

For businesses that want a fast and easy way to provide offers to their customers, QR codes are an excellent choice. They can also be a great way to save space on marketing material. Companies can use a QR code to link customers to offers and coupons or make the QR code the promotion itself to be scanned in a physical location.

Streamlining Sales

Many businesses nowadays can use QR codes as a way to take alternative payments in-store and online. QR codes can be generated to link customers to online payment methods like PayPal. This gives customers greater control over how they pay for services and can increase the likelihood of a positive experience. The easier and smoother the process of making payment, the more likely a customer is to continue to use a business.

Providing Product Manuals

QR codes can save businesses time and money by reducing the need to print out and send product manuals with each order. A QR code can link directly to an online version of the manual for a product, which can also be much more convenient for the customers. Gone are the days of searching through drawers and files to locate the right manual for a product – customers can simply scan the QR code and download the manual to keep safely on their smartphones.

Connecting With Customer Service

Having a customer service team that is easily accessible is vital for any business. Customers expect to be able to reach businesses conveniently and quickly. Particularly for less tech-savvy customers, finding the right way to contact a company can be frustrating. A simple QR code that allows quick and easy access directly to a business’s customer care team can be invaluable. A QR code could link directly to the company phone number, web chat service or FAQ page.

Downloading Apps

For businesses that have apps, it is vital that customers download and use them. It can often be an uphill battle to try and get customers to engage with an app, particularly if it is a new launch. Providing customers with a QR to scan that automatically takes them to the download page for the app can be invaluable for increasing uptake.

Adding Event Reminders

For any business that hosts events, QR codes can be a lifesaver. When sending out invitations, including a QR code that automates an event reminder can be an excellent choice. QR codes take the work out of setting a reminder, making it easier for customers and making them more likely to actually be reminded of upcoming events.

Simplifying Returns

The returns process can often be a bit of a headache for customers, but QR codes can help simplify the process. If a customer doesn’t have access to a printer, QR codes can be an easy and cost-effective alternative. They can create a return that automatically generates a QR code, which they can then take to a Post Office or other courier service to scan and print the returns label for them.

Engaging Curiosity

Curiosity can be a powerful tool for a business, engaging customers with the temptation of the unknown. A QR code can be an excellent way to pique a customer’s curiosity, particularly when paired with some intriguing marketing language. Businesses should use vague but enticing language to prompt customers to use a QR code, such as telling them that there is a bonus or discount to be found by using the code.

Summing Up

QR codes are a simple but mighty addition to any business. They can benefit a company’s customers in many ways, allowing them access to tools, apps, and resources that can help them make the most of a business, its products and services. For business owners who want to start using QR codes, the process is simple. There are tools available that can help business leaders start generating their own QR codes for whichever functions they need the most.

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