Temporary office buildings
In recent years, the definition of what constitutes a workspace has been shifting. As such, business owners are becoming more
Business expansion
Brexit upended many businesses’ operations within both the EU and the UK. Even the agreement of an eleventh-hour deal, just
Factory floor
In this article, we’ll explore how using the right machinery and components is key to helping your manufacturing organisation not
As we approach the end of the 2021, companies are looking for ways that they can strengthen their finances after
Engineer working on a track
The engineering sector has had a torrid time in the past 18 months. From project cancellations to a growing skills
Eco friendly food and drink containers
Electrix, manufacturer of Kabelkanal, explores the topic of sustainability within the food and drinks market. What is this industry doing
Cafe Staff
According to new data from the recruitment site, CV Library, job postings in October 2021 were up 26% month-on-month for
Video Editing
Blackbird plc, the technology licensor, developer and seller of the market-leading cloud native video editing platform, Blackbird, announced today that
Europe CO2
NCH Europe today released a sustainable guide to industrial products, highlighting the company’s continuing drive towards better products for a
Employees Leaving
New research has revealed a looming HR crisis amongst British businesses, with just a third of UK office workers feeling
Interim Management
At almost every point in every supply chain, companies are facing unprecedented levels of change and uncertainty. Challenges from Covid
Interactive Whiteboard
This latest PPDS partnership combines Logitech’s advanced range of video conferencing and audio solutions with the dedicated Philips-branded corporate and