Brexit Preparing the supply chain
Almost two years since the vote, Brexit has already impacted supply chains in a variety of ways, with many seeing
The First Rotating Waterslide
wiegand.maelzer GmbH is the only company worldwide delivering water attractions, both in fibre glass reinforced plastic and in stainless steel.
Future Predictions: What does the future look like for certain bodies in the EU?
WellSpoken is the wellness industry’s first credible content accreditation. WellSpoken also provides the wellness industry with advisory services and training
Brexit Terms Agreed: Investors put Their Money on SMEs
With the Brexit divorce bill weighing in at just under a £40bn hit to the UK economy, private sector productivity
Best Fire Fighting Pump Manufacturer 2018
Drawing on more than 18 years’ experience in the industry, today Patterson Pump Ireland is recognized worldwide as a manufacturer
Zimmer Biomet's Rapid Recovery Program Marks Two Decades of Success in Europe
Founded in 1927 and headquartered in Warsaw, Indiana, Zimmer Biomet is a global leader in musculoskeletal healthcare. The firm design,
Ventrica takes home ‘Silver’ at the European Contact Centre & Customer Service Awards for its partne
Outsourced customer contact centre Ventrica is celebrating after securing a Silver award in the ‘Best Outsourced Partnership - large’ category
Supporting Innovation With Regulation
Innovation within the pharma industry is rife. But with innovation comes new and complex regulatory frameworks. The impeding impact of
New Analysis Suggests ‘Detroit effect’ Could Avoid post-Brexit Disaster for the Automotive Industry
Uncertainty continues to linger around the potential impact of Brexit. After the Government’s admission that the long awaited parliamentary reports
Businesses Unprepared for Threats to Disability Rights post-Brexit
Crucial gains for disability rights secured by the business community must not be reversed post-Brexit due to a lack of
Shortage of Skills Threatens UK’s Potential
Shortage of Skills Threatens UK’s Potential in Technology & Innovation post-Brexit, MPs warned
The UK will lose £237
If the UK leaves the EU in 2019 with no deal permitting access to the single market and customs union,