A new survey of over 2,000 people has revealed that 87% of UK adults are unaware of what the circular economy is, showing a lack of understanding around one of the most important consumer behaviours that can help reduce carbon emissions.
While the fantasy of being a high net-worth individual with multiple assets located across the globe may seem alluring, it can be incredibly complex and challenging to manage these successfully.
Mercedes-Benz (brand value up 6% to €52.4 billion) remains the most valuable European brand despite only moderate growth in a tough year for automotive brands. Amid challenging market conditions due to the pandemic and an industrywide semiconductor shortage, the brand prioritized electromobility and has seen great results from it. The
If you own, manage or work on an eCommerce site, there’s a high chance you’re already aware of Google’s impending removal of third-party cookies in its Chrome browser, the clear market leader. Here, we look at the different ways eCommerce websites can get ahead of the game and prepare for
As the rising cost-of-living crisis sees energy bills, fuel and food prices continue to climb, more UK consumers are turning to second-hand shopping and upcycling in order to make ends meet – as well as minimise their environmental impact.
More people are now considering citizenship by Investment to obtain a second passport. Many countries are also opening their borders to integrate investors into their societies which, in turn, boost their economies. While this is not a new concept, it is gaining a lot of popularity today.
In recent years, trade across the English Channel has gotten a little bit more complicated. There has been the Brexit transition to worry about, as well as all of the problems posed by the Covid-19 pandemic.
When the UK voted to leave the European Union in 2016, it saw economic repercussions almost instantly. One of the countries that has seen the greatest change in their UK relationship is Germany.In this article, we’ll explore how Brexit has affected Germany.
Typical goals of recruitment include attracting valuable candidates, filling positions, generating company growth and sourcing fresh ideas. In this article, discover four of the key advantages of hiring internationally.
There's no denying that the automotive industry is a vital part of the global and European economies. From pandemics to hard borders, climate change to supply chains, we'll look at the challenges facing the automotive industry in the UK, Europe and around the world.
In recent years, as the world’s attention has turned to sustainability, the concept of a smart city has positioned itself as a very plausible, fitting solution.
Email users are known to send an average of 122 emails at work every day, and the quantity is likely to grow. Your inbox contains a wealth of personal data like names, email addresses, attachments, and conversations.