4th August 2022

Best Indian Restaurant 2022 – Denmark

Sønderborg might not seem like somewhere you’d find authentic Indian cuisine, but Curry Leaves has ensured that those looking for such delicacies are well satisfied. We take a closer look to uncover precisely what the secrets are behind their enviable success.

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Best Indian Restaurant 2022 – Denmark

Sønderborg might not seem like somewhere you’d find authentic Indian cuisine, but Curry Leaves has ensured that those looking for such delicacies are well satisfied. Their delightful dishes have tantalised tastebuds for years and been justly recognised in EU Business News’ Scandinavian Business Awards 2022. We take a closer look to uncover precisely what the secrets are behind their enviable success.

Finding a taste of India in Southern Denmark doesn’t quite sound right, but people have come from around the world to sample the delights that Curry Leaves offers its customers. The team’s traditional homecooked meals, nestled in the heart of one of Denmark’s finest towns, have been a hit with residents and tourists alike. When it comes to finding tasty and delicious food, with great service to boot, there really is no better option.

Since first opening their doors, the Curry Leaves team have aimed to make Indian food applicable for fine dining over a casual evening. As a country, India boasts enormous range in what is on offer and the team try every day to showcase this variety to their guests. Making everything themselves and using traditional family recipes to provide an authentic experience is at the heart of the experience offered by the team. Guests are guided through a scintillating smorgasbord of delectable dishes, each more tempting than the last.

To some, being based in Denmark might seem an odd choice, but the team have taken the opportunity of being a new, vibrant, and fresh approach to really bring about exciting change. In this part of Scandinavia, Indian food is still new, and so the priority is to ensure that guests understand the vastness and the depth of Indian cuisine. No matter if they enjoy spicy food, or would prefer something with a little less kick, guests can find the ideal path forward.

As a relatively new experience for many, being based in Scandinavia has proven to be the right choice for the Curry Leaves team. People are generally very open to exploring the background of new cultures that they have no experience of. Some customers had never tried Indian food before they had come to Curry Leaves. Now they are much loved and easily recognised regulars. It’s a credit to the team’s tireless efforts to welcome people into a world which is not entirely like their own.

In many ways, Curry Leaves is more than just a business to this talented team. It’s a passion for food which they are sharing with others. This attitude is key to the mindset behind the team, allowing them to really connect with the unique demands of each customer who walks through their doors. It’s this element which sets Curry Leaves apart, allowing the team to provide an exemplary experience in every respect.

The team offers two different services, each tailored to suit the needs of different markets. Firstly, there is a delectable buffet, bringing together a variety of different dishes from a mild and creamy Butter Chicken to the spicy flavours of the world-renowned Vindaloo. The second option is a personalised a la carte experience where the Curry Leaves make the dish of your choosing, carefully adapting the recipe to suit your wishes for spice and taste.

The breadth of flavours available in India mean that the team has had to work hard to ensure that every region is represented, and every meal is as authentic as it possibly can be. Recently, the team has considered broadening their horizons by narrowing their focus. Events are already being planned to present guests with meals and cultural offerings that are specific to regions of India, or unique styles of food. Having such a range of options on offer can create a culturally messy menu, but these evenings of focus provide the chance for guests to really dig into what sets each region apart.

Whilst Curry Leaves has been open, the team have seen an extraordinary transition in people’s eating habits. Now, more than ever, people are seeking out vegan and vegetarian cuisine, and that happens to be an area where Curry Leaves excels. The various recipes and dishes produced by the team match their non-vegetarian dishes, with more and more options joining the menu by the day. Both a la carte and self-service buffet reflect this changing trend. The team actually offer a vegan night every two months wherein their self-service buffet is vegan.

As a restaurant, it’s little wonder that the COVID-19 pandemic had a significant impact on the way in which the business was run. With people unable to come through the doors, takeaway orders became incredibly popular. The community of Sønderborg made the effort to ensure that the local eateries and cafés throughout the region were kept busy throughout the pandemic, and this is something for which the team at Curry Leaves will remain thankful for. It’s a testament to their skill and their position within the community that so many turned to them when they needed food that would offer comfort and warmth.

This warmth flows through the entire business, with the team brought together almost like a family. Respect at all levels is crucial and has built a work ethic which is incredibly hard working. This is an environment where it’s not enough purely to do the job – it’s one where success comes from having fun throughout. As such, when looking for new staff members, the aim is to find open and smiling people, who like to meet new people and enjoy working with food. By building a family within the business, Curry Leaves presents a family atmosphere to all who come to taste true delight.

The future is bright for the team, with a market that has reacted warmly to the incredible meals on offer. At the moment, ideas for sharing the delicacies created by the Curry Leaves team abound, with new restaurants opening, or even cooking classes. This would allow guests to learn how to make stunning Indian food all for themselves from a selection of chefs renowned for their cooking.

Nothing tastes as good as authentic cooking, designed to be enjoyed and savoured in good company. That’s precisely what is on offer from the team at Curry Leaves. Their sterling efforts have ensured they’re a standout in the Danish restaurant scene. Having delighted thousands upon thousands of diners, they are always looking to improve. We can’t wait to see what stunning ideas they’ll have to tantalise tastebuds in the coming months!


For business enquiries, contact the Curry Leaves team via email at [email protected] or visit their website at

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