Most Environmentally Focussed Oil Company 2020 – Germany & Most Innovative Oil Deposit System 2020: Rebottle


With lubricants and oils being used all over the world, the necessity for customers to purchase these lubricants and oils from the best companies in the world is increasing with every passing day. In order to meet this rising demand, Tippoil is a German manufacturing firm that is driven by trust, environmental conscience, social co-existence and a desire to deliver the best products possible. We examine the firm’s work in greater detail, and highlight its fantastic innovation in the Rebottle Deposit system.

Since its inception as a business, Tippoil Manufacturer has developed and worked hard to formulate a wide range of mineral and synthetic oils for its clients. Whether in the field of cars, trucks, construction machines, or industrial machines, Tippoil always has what the client is looking for, with specialisms in engine, transmission, hydraulic, compressor, turbine, industrial, and special oils. Complemented perfectly by a talented team of skilful and committed individuals, the work that Tippoil does is as outstanding as the oils themselves. It has made its mission to act in an environmentally-friendly manner, assuming climate-conscious responsibility and delivery excellence quality regardless of its environmental responsibilities. These core corporate ethical values are taken into account when dealing with each other, with business partners, and with customers. Action and thoughts are always based on the fundamental values of the company’s independence and responsibility, and that has defined the firm’s success over a number of years.

Oil is a massive industry, and has been for a long time. What, therefore, separates Tippoil from the competition? Firstly, the Rebottle Deposit system is a key part of that. Given that environmental protection is a corporate responsibility of everyone at Tippoil, the firm understands the problem of disposal that comes along with the production of plastic to hold the oils it produces. The polymeric components of the plastics are not water soluble on the one hand, and on the other, they are not able to pass through the cell membranes of micro-organisms. Rebottle is used worldwide as the first deposit system. The core element of the Rebottle system is sustainability. Tippoil carefully considered how, as a lubricant manufacturer, it could deal more responsibly with the topic of the environment, and do something about it that can be integrated into everyday life.

In the spring of 2020, the world was shocked and hit hard when the COVID-19 pandemic swept its way across Europe, devastating businesses and causing many people to put their plans on hold. Economically, the continent suffered due to a variety of restrictions, and it remains a major global issue today. Fortunately today, economic development has now stabilised in many industrial sectors and has been able to resume normal operations. As a result, the demand for Tippoil, and it’s especially demanding and high-performance lubricants has increased noticeably. So much so, that the firm itself was able to start back into normal operation from September.

Tippoil also boasts a modern approach to selling its oils, with a company homepage and online store where customers can find out a lot of information about the firm and its wide range of products. In the B2B sector of commercial products in the export trade, Tippoil also keeps ready an extensive range of mineral and synthetic oils. Whether in the field of passenger cars, trucks, motorcycles, construction machinery, or industrial machinery, Tippoil stands ready to assist. Quality is important for every customer, as oil is a key component for everyday things we use such as cars, and their engines are incredibly important.

For this reason, Tippoil ensures that all of its oil products are rigorously tested by laboratories around the county, each of which carefully examines the product to guarantee its quality and standard. A further rule of thumb can be found in the laboratory analyses, even when used in sensitive areas, for example. Should a Tippoil product be used on grounds or roads and end up in nature, the firm has made sure that those oils are biodegradable, further cementing its promise to be environmentally-friendly. Ultimately, Tippoil is a firm that has worked to make the impossible, possible. Making oil environmentally friendly is no easy feat, and yet this German firm has achieved it with incredible aplomb. It deserves every success, and we are proud to feature the firm here today.

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