6th July 2022

What to Expect When Partnering With an Amazon Marketing Agency

Partnering with a specialist Amazon marketing agency can bring many benefits to e-commerce businesses advertising products on Amazon.

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What to Expect When Partnering With an Amazon Marketing Agency

Partnering with a specialist Amazon marketing agency can bring many benefits to e-commerce businesses advertising products on Amazon.

From helping to manage and optimise their campaign, to increasing product and brand visibility and driving sales, Amazon specialists can use their expertise to create a more efficient campaign and a better ROI. Here are just some of the ways a specialist agency can help.


What services does an Amazon marketing agency provide?

Amazon advertising agencies provide a wide range of services, offering e-commerce companies expert help and advice on everything from campaign setup to optimisation and management. These services include:

  • Store creation
  • Brand registry
  • Account management
  • Content creation
  • Strategy
  • Sponsored advertising


Is partnering with an Amazon marketing agency the right move for your business?

The Amazon online marketplace is a vast and diverse platform, giving e-commerce businesses across any industry the opportunity to market their products and get their brand in front of a wider customer base.

With so many options to choose from, getting it right is essential to the success of a campaign. So, whether you’re considering setting up your first Amazon campaign but are unsure of what to do or have been on the marketplace for a while but don’t have enough time to manage your account properly, employing the assistance of an Amazon marketing agency will give you with the help you need.


How do you find the Amazon agency best suited to your requirements?

There are a number of factors to consider when choosing an Amazon marketing agency to work alongside your ecommerce company.

It’s important you find an agency that can offer the quality service you need at a cost that suits your budget. And you need an agency with in-depth knowledge of Amazon’s guidelines to deliver a great strategy that will boost sales and keep your business ahead of your competitors. So, finding an agency with a proven track record and platform expertise is essential.


Budget and services

Different advertising agencies will offer their services for different costs, which isn’t helpful when you’re trying to compare like for like. How do you determine which agency will be the best fit for your business?

Don’t be tempted to employ the cheapest agency without first doing your homework. Just because an agency can accommodate your budget does not mean they are the ones best suited to the job. Look at their experience, the variety of services they offer and how they propose to manage your account. Will you have a dedicated team at your disposal for example?


Track record

One of the best ways to assess the capabilities of an Amazon marketing agency is to look at their track record for other clients. Case studies are a great way to gauge the kind of results you can expect to achieve for your campaigns if you partner with the agency, giving you a clearer idea of what you will see from your investment.

If an agency is unable or unwilling to show case studies of their previous campaigns, it’s a sign you should continue your search. Any agency worth its salt should be able to share examples of campaign results without breaking client confidentiality.


To conclude, ecommerce businesses looking to partner with an expert Amazon marketing agency for assistance on their campaigns can expect to gain access to a vast expanse of knowledge and services. This will allow for your business to optimise its product listings, boosting sales and leading to better brand visibility on the Amazon marketplace.

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