Dansschool The Nature of Dance

Dansschool The Nature of Dance

Best Wedding A/V Solutions Company - Netherlands

WEDDINGDANCE® provides wedding dance lessons for brides and grooms to be.

Since 2007 our trainers helped over 1.400 couples to prepare their first dance.

Our unique training methods give you the time of your life and allow you to become your personal best and achieve great dancing skills in a short timeframe.
Lessons can be done online worldwide through video training or videocalls.
We usually start with a trial lesson 9 to 6 months before the wedding date. In some cases a year in advance or the last month(s) before the wedding.
We also create music mixes, voice-over announcements and make 360 and 360 3D virtual reality video’s for our customers.

The Netherlands: OPENINGSDANS® https://www.thenatureofdance.nl
International: WEDDINGDANCE® https://www.weddingdance.eu


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