Truck-Lite Europe

Truck-Lite Europe

Best Vehicle Lighting Technology Innovators 2019

Truck-Lite Europe Ltd is a global leader in the design and manufacturing of vision systems servicing the Commercial vehicle industry. Under the brand names Truck-Lite, Rubbolite, Signal-Stat and RIGID we have become a forerunner in LED and incandescent lighting technology, mirror manufacturing and trailer assemblies.

Truck-Lite Europe manufacture and supply through a modern production facility based in the UK. Our front line production operations are supported by in-house tooling design, research, development and testing. Modern multicomponent plastic injection moulding represents the core production process across our sites, operating over one hundred injection mould machines.

www.truck-lite.eu.com UK: +44(0)1279 406406 FR: +33 0821773064 DE: +49 800 101 4908