European Enterprise Awards 2020

RDS Tools

RDS Tools is one of the 2020 winners of European Enterprise Awards at EU Business News.

Medal Trophy Cloud Cloud
About RDS Tools

Best Remote Access Technology Specialists 2020

<p>RDS-Tools is a software company specialized in Remote Desktop Security Technologies. Since 1996, we have developed award-winning security solutions for Network Administrators in deployments as large as 35,000 concurrent users. </p> <p>RDS-Tools provides two programs which will greatly help organizations protect, monitor and optimize their server operations: RDS-Knight and Server Genius. </p> <p>RDS-Knight is the best-in-class remote access security software. It protects remote connections and sessions with a wide array of security and access management tools.. </p> <p>Server Genius is a real-time monitoring and reporting tool to improve server and website performance, and audit user activity during remote sessions. </p> <p>Visit our website: </p> <p>Follow us:<br /><br /> Tweets by RDSTools<br /> »</p>
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